April 16, 2018 to July 20, 2018

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Associate Dean Alicia Jackson 
Florida A&M University College of Law 


The College of Law is fully vested in your success on the July 2018 bar exam, and to further evidence that support we are launching “Campaign #OneAndDone”.

 As you are aware, we have been actively engaged in providing additional resources and strategic support through Project PASS, including services and programming specifically geared to prospective May 2018 graduates.  To that end, I want to congratulate those of you that have been utilizing those resources, including those of you currently engaged in the 3L/4L Boot Camp Early Start Challenge.   However, our support for you doesn’t end there, quite the contrary-- that was only the beginning.

To jumpstart the Campaign #OneAndDone effort, I am excited to announce that the College of Law has requested approval from the University to contract with AdaptiBar and KaplanPMBR, two leading commercial bar exam preparation companies to provide supplemental services for the July 2018 bar exam- starting while you are still enrolled AT NO COST TO YOU.  These services are designed to act as “wrap-around support”, however, they do not replace the critical need for all graduates to have access to a full commercial bar review course.  Below is a detailed summary of the services that will be provided.

AdaptiBar Programming & Services

Through the AdaptiBar Online MBE Simulator and Prep program, all FAMU May 2018 prospective graduates will have access to 1,955 Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions, which includes 1,740 previously tested MBE questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).  You will also have access to AdaptiBar’s individual progress tracking system, which will assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the bar exam.  AdaptiBar is completely online, so you will be able to access the practice questions throughout bar preparation and at your convenience, even prior to graduation.  

KaplanPMBR Programming & Services

All FAMU May 2018 prospective graduates will also have access to the KaplanPMBR Combo Course.  The Combo Course, also known as the “book ends” of bar review, includes a 7-day course and 3-day course.    To help you build a foundation and effectively transition into “bar study mode” the KaplanPMBR 7-day course is available on-demand, and should be completed before the first day of your general bar review course.  Each day of the 7-day course, you will begin by completing a 50 question quiz for a particular MBE subject, followed by watching on-demand the substantive question-based review lecture of the 50 question quiz.   In mid-May (after completion of the 7-day course), you will transition into your general commercial bar review course. Then, approximately two-weeks before the bar exam, Kaplan will host the KaplanPMBR 3-day course LIVE at the College of Law.  Day one of the 3-day course features a full-day simulated MBE administered under test-like conditions.  The remaining two days of the course will consist of a LIVE substantive question-based review.  In a nutshell, the 3-day course is designed to highlight the finer points of the relevant law typically not covered in your general bar review lectures, and covers the most up-to-date MBE trends.  As a part of the Combo course you will also receive the KaplanPMBR online question bank of approximately 2,400 MBE questions and the KaplanPMBR Redbook containing an additional 650 practice questions.  This is in addition to the over 550 questions you will complete during the actual 7-day and 3-day Combo Course.  All out-of-state bar takers physically studying for the bar exam in another state are also encouraged to fully participate in the KaplanPMBR Combo Course. We have made special arrangements for you to have access to the course on-demand.

Benefits and How to Participate

The AdaptiBar and KaplanPMBR tools, coupled with full engagement with your general bar review course, will keep you on track to optimize your chances of success on the bar exam- on the first attempt!  I will personally be here to support you throughout the summer.   Also, to reward and encourage your completion of the 7-day KaplanPMBR course before May 21, 2018 and participation in the LIVE 3-day course in July, you will receive FREE lunch hosted by the College of Law in Tampa for both days of the Florida bar exam. 

To get you started early on this journey we have also arranged for you to have access to the AdaptiBar question bank, the KaplanPMBR 7-Day course, Kaplan Q-Bank, and the Kaplan Redbook before the semester ends.  However, you must register first!  Please note, while registering you will need to consent to the release of your email address to AdaptiBar and KaplanPMBR to gain access to their online programming. As well, you will consent to the release of your mailing address to KaplanPMBR so that the Redbook practice book and Combo Course books can be mailed directly to your home.  Your email address information will be provided to AdaptiBar and KaplanPMBR (and mailing address to KaplanPMBR) to complete your enrollment in their bar exam preparation services.

Register Now!                                                Registration deadline is April 30, 2018.