Congregation Beth Abraham 23nd Annual Dinner



Ora and Aaron Kornbluth               Shira and David Greenberg
Heather and Daniel Kaminetsky


Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 6:30 pm

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Congregation Keter Torah
600 Roemer Ave
Teaneck, NJ 07666

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Guests of Honor
Rabbi Tanchum and Yaffa Cohen



                      Max and Magda Sternbach                                     Midor L'Dor Community Service Award        
                   Jonathan and Devorah Schloss


Rabbi Tanchum and Yaffa Cohen

It is difficult to adequately express the impact Rabbi Tanchum and Yaffa Cohen have had on our shul and community since joining the Rabbinic leadership of our shul 12 years ago.  It would not be an overstatement to say that the explosive growth of our shul during thier tenure could not have happened without them.  A venerable Talmid Chacham with the uncanny ability to meld Torah and modern science, Rabbi Cohen is a well-respected Posek and Magid Shiur.  His and Yaffa's dedication to our youth knows no bounds and the strong bonds they have formed with our children are truly remarkable.  Rabbi Tanchum and Yaffa have both been instrumental in bringing training to our youth department.

They spend countless hours counseling our members and are sought after for their sage advice within our community and beyond. Their work spreads beyond our shul to Y.U.; both at the high school and in a growing role among motivated undergraduates, to teens across the US via NCSY Kollel, and to Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan, where Rebbetzin Yaffa guides and enables effective kriah for a diverse group of learners.  This honor is just a small token of appreciation we express for the countless hours of service and dedication they put into advancing the goals of our shul.

Jonathan and Devorah Schloss

Jonathan and Devorah have selflessly devoted themselves in service to our shul and community since moving to Bergenfield 16 years ago. Having served as Gabbai Sheini and Rishon for 3 years, Jonathan is among the “Gabbai Emeritus” with whom current gabbaim consult and continue to pitch in whenever needed.  As Gabbai, he helped institute practices we now take for granted such as timed Hakafot on Simchat Torah and youth-led Havdalah (and youth-led-post-Havdala-clean-up).  Filling a niche for the early-rising youth, Jonathan has been leading a post-hashkama minyan Nach Chabura for several years.  Jonathan and Devorah have played an integral role in co-orchestrating Seating Committee logistics and the Schloss family otherwise rolls up sleeves before the Yamim Nora’im to be part of the committee that rolls the Sifrei Torah and changes the Sifrei Torah mantlach and Paroches.  Jonathan has served on the Board of Directors for the past 3 years and has coached several CBA members’ children in both the Yavneh Youth League and MGBL.  Devorah has been a member of the board of the CBA Sisterhood and has served on the Mishloach Manot Committee.  She has also devoted time and energy to the parent associations of Yeshivat Noam and TABC and to the She’arit Ha’Plate food bank.  Both Jonathan and Devorah embody the qualities of the namesake of their award.