Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Mystics By The Sea, Milford CT
394 New Haven Avenue
Milford, CT 06460

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Rebecca Karchere
Pure NEWtrition School of Healing Arts

Sign Up for Source Energy Technique: Module 1: Energy Basics Masters Workshop 

Please join me for the

Pure NEWtrition School of Healing Arts

Source Energy Technique:

Module 1: Energy Basics Masters Class

on June 2nd @ Mystics By The Sea, in Milford, CT,

from 11am to 4pm. 

I am Rebecca Karchere, your presenter :) See you then!

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What to expect:

This is an experiential workshop for those who are looking to enhance their abilities as a healer for personal or professional use. This workshop will empower you to heal yourself and others. You will learn how to test and assess the human energy field and to influence it for the purposes of healing.

Who is this workshop for?

1. This workshop is for those who want to strengthen their skills as a healer, whether you plan on getting certified in Source Energy Technique or not, whether you are a professional, plan to be one, or just want to help your family and friends.

2. If this workshop speaks to you, but you have not taken Module 1: Energy Basics Online Course, you are welcome to join us!  Enjoy a day of energy medicine information and experience to use in your daily life. We are going to have a fun filled day!

3. Have you taken Module 1: Energy Basics Online Course already? If you have, this will reinforce the material. We will expand upon the classes and put the information into practice. Notice that you receive a financial discount for having already taken the online course.

4. Are you thinking about taking Module 1: Energy Basics Online Course but haven't yet? Then this will get you pumped with material and experience that you will then learn about, in detail, in the course. Notice that you receive a financial discount for signing up with the online course and the workshop.

Source Energy Technique

Pure NEWtrition® School of Healing Arts will help you learn NEW ways of healing. Exploring life with a whole NEW set of parameters and awareness.

Join me, Rebecca Karchere, medical intuitive and nutritionist, as I lead you down the rabbit hole. Let's explore the parameters of life together and live extraordinary lives

   It's time to rise and Wake Up!!

Ready S.E.T. Go!!! 

In a world where most people are asleep to their power, S.E.T. is born.


  • Introduction
  • What is disease? What does it mean?
  • Consciousness and Health: navigating the consciousness scale,  how to address microbes as it pertains to consciousness
  • Muscle Testing Specifics-learn a key tool a.k.a. kinesiology
  • Testing for Food Allergies, harmonization and how to get to the root
  • Accessing the Energy bodies
  • Different ways to pray and it’s effectiveness for healing
  • Accessing and identifying angels and guides: yours and others
  • Writing a Menu to navigate a healing
  • Practicing hands-on with other students to reinforce what we have learned

What to Bring:

a lunch and/or snack, water, notebook, pen and an open mind and heart

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