Summer Ministries Intern Team 
Resurrection Lutheran Church


Monday, June 18th - Friday, June 22rd               9 am-noon daily


Resurrection Lutheran Church 
1612 Meadow Edge Lane
Spring, TX 77388 

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Kidz Summer Campz 2015

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This is definitely something you do not want to miss! Kidz Summer Camp 2018 will be the week of July 16th-19th andit's going to be full of fun, laughs, and new friends! Check our website or our facebook page (@ResurrectionLutheranChurch) for more details, OR...


Allergies & Special Circumstances

When completing the registration form, please list any allergies / physical / mental / developmental circumstances of which the Rez staff needs to be aware. Examples: allergies / epi-pens / autism / developmental delays / wheelchairs / etc. Please note: we try to accommodate as many circumstances as we possibly can, if we are aware in advance. Unfortunately, due to the large number of participants and our primarily volunteer staff (some of whom are younger), some situations may be beyond our capabilities.

At a later date, we will supply you with a list of snacks, and their ingredients so that you can determine whether or not your child is able to have the snacks that we will be offering. If allergies or dietary needs require that your child have alternative snacks, you are invited to provide an appropriate snack for your child(ren) for the days on which they are needed. Hopefully, this will avoid alot of allergy concerns. 

SHIPWRECKED Registration

Registration Closes on June 10th!

There will be NO registration after that date!

Summer's Almost Here!

Before you know it, June will be here, and with it comes VBS! We're excited that you are interested in registering for SHIPWRECKED! Before you sure that you have relevant information such as emergency contact and alternate pick-up names and phone numbers, and t-shirt sizes for each participant.

Please be aware that your registration is tied to an e-mail address, so please be sure to register ALL your children at the same time, as the system will only allow each e-mail address one registration session ---to prevent multiple registration of the same children. IF changes need to be made OR additional children registered after your initial session, please contact us by e-mail at

Tips for Completing Registration

The first set of information required is the parent/guardian information. At the end of the parent information section, you will see PARTICIPANT INFORMATION and under this there will be the option to ADD participants (children). Click the add button to enter your child(ren)'s information. At the end of each child's information, you will have the option to ADD ANOTHER participant. PLEASE do not hit REGISTER, until you have added ALL your children!

Pre-School Participants

We love preschoolers, and we love 3 and 4 year olds, and we'd love for EVERY one of them to be able to join the fun of VBS! However, we can ONLY accept children who have been FULLY (& independently) potty-trained,  AND who were 3 by January 1st, 2018! Due to the large number of children in attendance, we cannot change diapers or pull-ups, or assist with wiping! Sorry! We understand that children vary widely at age 3 in maturity and readiness, and you may feel that your child is totally ready, but we feel that the ONLY fair way is to set a date and stick to it. We sincerely regret any disappointment this may cause.

Elementary Participants

Elementary participants are those who are FINISHING Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades this school year. We want to let you know about an exciting opportunity for our interested "older" elementary participants (finished 2nd-5th grades). We will be holding "practices" for the "SURFERS," our song & dance assistants, that help us to lead each day's Opening and Closing gatherings. Please let us know if your child might be interested in this, by clicking HERE! We will update you on rehearsal dates and times via email.

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