Activate your senses for clear messages, guidance and healing

Join Jennifer for this introductory interactive psychic development online workshop LIVE. 

The power to see, hear and feel at the higher (sixth-sensory) level is available to all of us. We all need a little direction help us find our own road map to identify and recognize our individual psychic and intuitive gifts.

Once you have an understanding of your abilities, you can utilize them in every area of your life, leading to a more fulfilling life experience for you and the people touch in your daily life.

Open the channel to Spirit power, guidance and healing:

  • Find your purpose and direction using your abilities
  • Feel a sense of ease and support in making life decisions
  • Recognize signs from your loved ones
  • Get guidance and messages from your Spirit guides  

{During the workshop, you'll learn step-by step}

  • How to recognize your own gifts and discover which is strongest
  • How to live a more intuitive and conscious life
  • How to strengthen the link to divine energy and psychic intuition
  • Practice techniques that improve clarity  

 {What's included for you:}

  • 2  hours of hands on live ONLINE training with Jennifer on video (telephone access also provided)
  • Create Your Intuitive Foundation guided meditation to renforce class teaching
  • Access to live video replays for 3 months
  • Technical support for Mp3 download and access to class 
  • Downloadable tip sheet to assist with home study
  • Live practice and feedback 

Jennifer will show you just how easy it can be to access this amazing resource. 

All levels of experience are welcome.


Workshop dates: Wed May 23rd, 2018  7pm-9pm Eastern.

You can access the workshop live from your computer or device. A phone number will be provided in case you have poor internet service or prefer using the phone. All students receive replay access of the course within 24 hours of the course.

This is a personal learning course. Please do not register in hopes that you may get a reading during the class. If you would like a private reading, please email and request to get on the wait list.