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Thursday, May 24, 2018
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

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The Venue On The Lake
at the Maitland Civic Center

641 South Maitland Ave.
Maitland, FL 32751

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Chuck Wright

Medical Office Resources of Florida 

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A New Look at Total Patient Accident Recovery, Their Mental Well Being and Better Compensation

There needs to be a new focus delivering the most appropriate Patient care in order for maximum recovery and return to life as before the accident. Building a better network of Physicians, Therapists, Mental Health and healthcare delivery professionals dedicated to the unique needs and requirements of accident patients is essential and can create better compensation for all.

This presentation will highlight many of these topics…
  • Florida state law, since January 2013, mandates that injured patients must be seen by specific providers including MD's in order to have access to better healthcare for proper recovery options which in turn may lead to better compensation for all modalities.
  • Injured patients often receive proper treatment too late to be fully effective.
  • Historically doctors have avoided treating accident patients for reasons related to reimbursement and legal entanglement.
  • A network is needed of providers dedicated to the care of injured patients with knowledgeable, trained, competent, providers for injured patients of all types.
  • The network will provide new training, technology, reimbursement support and operational cost reduction.
  • Realization that mental health is just as important as physical health to accident victims.
  • Creating new referral and revenue sources with medical professionals of all modalities.
  • New treatment options that support medical professionals and better patient health.
  • Better engagement and cooperation with doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and patients.


About the Speaker

Dr. Owen Fraser_ MD
Dr. Owen Fraser, MD
This will be presented by Dr Owen Fraser, MD and Surgeon who has accumulated a significant knowledge base in treating accident Patients over the past 40 years. Dr. Frasers long tenure in treating Patients injured in auto accidents has allowed many medical professionals to accrue certain business practices in dealing with attorneys, insurance companies and Medicare. Understanding the total health of the patient creates a claims flow process that is necessary to bring the Patient’s claim to a successful conclusion.


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