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Getting Your Foot in the Door - Securing First Visits with Prospects

For many gift officers, one of the most frustrating problems involves securing visits with donors and prospects – especially first visits.  In many instances, your institution may not have contacted these individuals for a number of years and efforts to set up face-to-face visits may be met with skepticism or even annoyance. 

In this webinar, Jason McNeal, Ph.D.  will explore the purpose of first visits and will offer 6 effective approaches to securing them.  You will learn how to communicate with donors and prospects in ways that will enhance your success and you will come away from the webinar with real-life examples of how to get more visits tomorrow!

Here are the topics we will cover:

  • The Purpose of the First Visit
  • What are we Discovering?
  • How to Get Appointments:  5 Approaches
  • Strategies when first attempts don’t work
  • How to Get Past Your Psychological Hurdles
  • Getting the 2nd Visit

On Demand Details: After your registration, you will receive a copy of the power point presentation as well as a copy of the recording. (Please allow at least 48 business hours to receive your materials after payment is received.) You will be able to share these materials with your entire team, including volunteers, and review the recording as many times as you need.

Your Faculty:

Jason McNeal, Ph.D., Gonser Gerber partner, has provided advancement leadership to non-profit organizations for 15 years.  Having served as the chief advancement officer at East Georgia College and Maryville College (TN), he also has consulted with institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Dr. McNeal has written extensively on key issues in non-profit fundraising and leadership including his blog that you can find at