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Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT

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Trauma and the Performing Artist TAKE II - NY

 After vibrant, exciting classes in New York, Los Angeles, and London, Peter A Levine, PhD and Betsy Polatin, MFA have decided to take this dynamic and transforming work to the next level.

Take II invites all performers, their therapists and teachers, and anybody else who is interested in trauma, movement, breathing and human behavior. After all, aren’t we all performers? Just walking into a room full of people for a gathering can be as triggering for one person as walking onto a stage filled auditorium is for another.

You will explore your inner sensations, motivations, and intentions, as you prepare, execute, and complete a performance or interaction. You will learn how to safely and actively utilize your unique emotional trauma history along with an enhanced body awareness and easier breathing to convey a wider spectrum of feelings and inner sensations. Trauma, when accessed at the level of body sensations can open us up to an incredible yet subtle array of feelings fostering a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

For an actor, this brings up the question – How can I make a character truly authentic and believable?

For a musician – How can I express the music with deep intention?

For everybody – How can I learn to be comfortable in myself as I interact with others?

During the class, participants can volunteer to perform a 1-3 minute piece like a monologue, excerpt of music, song, dance, speech, etc. The demonstration format will begin with Peter and/or Betsy choosing someone from the workshop to perform for a minute or so in front of the class. They both will observe to get a sense of what their holding patterns are: what may prohibit the performance from feeling deeply authentic. One or both of them will work with the performer and their pattern and/or trauma.* The exploration will provide support and adjustments to help modify the performer’s breath and movement, as well as observation & exploration of the trauma that may lay underneath. No one will need to share a personal trauma history with the class for this to be effective. After these gentle interventions, one may perform again, but with greater utilization of their body, as well as a deeper & calming connection to their true self. There will be short sessions, long sessions, sessions with just Betsy, and sessions with just Peter. This unique class will be packed with demonstrations, lectures, and group exercises.

Join internationally renowned trauma expert, Peter A Levine, PhD and movement, breathing and Alexander Technique Master lecturer Betsy Polatin, MFA, for this unique opportunity. We look forward to meeting you and exploring the depths of your authentic talents. We hope you can join us.

2 DAYS FOR $425

Open to the Public and the SE™ Community.
Only requirement is a desire to explore and expand.
Performance not essential.

*Please understand that Peter and Betsy will demonstrate with a limited number of people each day. They will do their best to work with as many students as possible. You will have the opportunity to learn from watching others work and from participating in group work, plus highly trained SE™ assistants will be present for additional support and guidance.