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Rural Community College Alliance

Annual Membership ~ July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019


The Rural Community College Alliance was formed not only to represent rural and tribal colleges on a national level, but to encourage the sharing of information, and to assist rural and tribal two-year colleges with the challenges they encounter.  As the face of higher education continues to change rapidly, it is essential more than ever before, to prepare for the challenges AND opportunities that will arise.  Operating a college in a rural area IS different than operating a college in an urban or suburban area.  Size, location, demographics, population served, and geography do matter and impact how we operate!  RCCA works to help rural state and tribal colleges thrive and excel in these challenging times.  Not only do we represent your interests at all levels of government, but most importantly, we work to tie together colleges who share the same challenges and opportunities.  By sharing our challenges, solutions, curriculums and ideas we can more effectively serve our students, communities and stakeholders. 

The spotlight is shining on our rural community and tribal colleges and we are excited about the attention we are receiving as we tell our story to policy makers. 

In addition to serving as a clearinghouse of information, and a policy advocate, we provide the following types of professional development and seminars:

-Enrollment Management Training

-Board of Trustees Training (Roles and Responsibilities of Community and Tribal College Trustees)

-Leadership Training for Dept. Chairs, Deans, and Vice Presidents

-Economic Development and Strategic Planning Training / Facilitation

-Faculty In-Service Training / Speakers

-New Program Creation / Curriculum Consultation / Grant Writing/ Fund Raising

Essentially, we work to help our rural colleges in every aspect to improve their operation and service to students and stakeholders.  We also use a listserv to notify members of projects, grants, loans and other news that could impact a rural college.  Most importantly, we have been able to involve faculty, staff and administrators in a wide variety of committees and activities, connecting more of our rural state and tribal colleges to each other and sharing so many important programs and best practices.  More than ever before, not only are we beginning to realize our goal of connecting rural colleges across the U.S. and Canada while we connect people to each other.  This is accomplished through monthly conference calls, committees and our annual conference. 

RCCA continues to provide national media exposure for your college and your academic programs.  National higher education publications and media contact us regularly for stories and news events from our rural colleges.

The more we connect and share with each other, the more we are able to help and assist one another.  We hope you consider joining RCCA and use the organization as a means to connect with other colleges and colleagues nationwide to share best practices, curriculum, challenges and opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


Randy Smith, Ph.D.


Rural Community College Alliance

3470 N. 367 Road, Holdenville, OK 74848

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