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Friday, August 24, 2018 at 11:45 AM AKDT

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630 E. 57th Place
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Pada 3, Part 1 with Dr. Katy Jane

August 20-24, 2018

9:15-11:45 AM


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630 E. 57th Place

The Descent of Deliciousness

Have you ever wondered why it’s taboo to read Pada 3 of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras? You’ve often heard that you shouldn’t go there. You might get sucked in by the “powers” and lose your yogic balance. You could even fall off the path!

Pada 3 is feared and abhorred for the same reason Mary Magdalene was falsely declared a prostitute by Pope Gregory in the 6th century. It’s why women were burned as witches. And its why priests of all kinds are exclusively male.

The feminine is too powerful.

And it’s exactly why every yogi who has reached a certain level in her practice (where it’s become less force and more allowing, less rigidity and more softness, less outer and more inner) is ready for Pada 3.

If this is you, your practice is about to come full circle. You’re on the return to the Mother Source.

Pada 3 contains all the secrets of divine feminine empowerment. It’s the antecedent to later Shakta (Goddess) Tantra lineages. And by learning to recite its sutras in Sanskrit, understand their meaning and apply their teachings to your practice, you will awaken the Goddess…the liberating Shakti…within.

Pada 3 brings you into your bliss body, into the realm of the Mother Prakriti, and the marriage between matter and consciousness–Purusha and Prakriti.

It’s the next step on your yoga journey.

A Feminine Embodied Approach

Like all spiritual disciplines, classical yoga has been dominated by a masculine world-denying approach. The emphasis has been on cultivating the upward flow, transcendental experience of Purusha or Pure Contentless Consciousness. (The subject of Padas 1 &2.)

Pada 3, conversely, reveals the secrets of the downward descent of Shakti, the transformation of the material into divinity, and the manifestation power of your conscious awareness.

Pada 3 completes your practice.

 Welcome to Pada 3 with Dr. Katy Jane

If you’re at the stage in your yoga practice where you’re ready to dive into the deeper teachings and practices prescribed in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, please join yogini and Sanskrit scholar, Dr. Katy Jane, as we explore the first 20 sutras of Pada 3 from a feminine, embodied, world-affirming approach.

In this one-week intensive, we’ll meet either in person (or remotely live via Zoom) 2.5 hours daily as you’ll:

1.)   Learn to read and chant the sutras in Sanskrit according to the rules of Vedic meter;

2.)   Savor the multi-layered meanings of the sutras through the guidance of Dr. Katy’s translation and never-heard-of-before commentary and;

3.)   Apply the teachings of Pada 3 (specifically the practice of samyama) to your own practice through guided asana, pranayama and meditation.

 Awaken the Power of Your Intention

As a result of this immersion in Pada 3 you’ll:

  • Refine your Sanskrit chanting to purify the power of your thoughts, speech & action;
  • Gain new skills to deepen your yoga and meditation practice and;
  • Unlock the power of your intention through samyama, the core teaching of Pada 3.

Immersion Investment: $225

 *Please contact Dr. Katy if you would like to purchase Padas 1 & 2 audio classes: katy@drkatyjane.com

Class Structure
1 hour of translation/lecture, 1 hour of chanting practice, 30 minutes of practical instruction (pranayama, meditation &/or asana daily for 5 days.

Due to the sensitivity and breadth of Pada 3, this course will be offered in two parts. Part 1 in Anchorage, AK and Part 2 will be remote study with Katy via the Zoom platform (dates TBD)

Remote Study Options:
This course will be recorded via Zoom, an online platform which allows a participant to call in, or virtually participate in real time with video (much like Skype). These videos and recordings will be uploaded to a Dropbox folder after each session. They can be accessed for review or self-paced study. You can use these to supplement if you miss a day or can not participate in person.

 Dr. Katy Jane Bio

 Named “One of 75 Yogis Who Are Shifting the Planet,” by Origin, Dr. Katy Jane is a yogini, Sanskrit scholar and Vedic teacher. She’s been a devotee of the Divine Mother since her Masters’ degree research brought her to the city of Calcutta—Mother Kali’s city—where she was initiated into the Bengali Shakta tradition. Over the past decade, she’s brought Sanskrit to life in many yoga teacher trainings across the world, teaching the art of Vedic chanting and Sanskrit for Yogis: The Yoga of Sacred Sound. She’s best known for her never-heard-of-before translations of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Padas 1 & 2) and for her intuitive guidance as a Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer). Today Dr. Katy lives at Dunagiri Retreat in India—a shakti-peetha (“seat of the goddess”)—where she hosts and holds transformational yoga retreats. (For more about Dr. Katy, please visit www.drkatyjane.com)