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Circles of Empowerment
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28th Annual Women's Long Dance Ceremony 

We invite Sisters to dance, sing and pray together at the Autumnal Equinox for a weekend of ceremony, teachings, celebration and healing under the stars. We invite Brothers to help us create and hold balance in sacred space and explore the teachings of the Thunder Lodge.

Long Dance is just that: a long dance lasting from sunset to sunrise. Like many cultures around the world, we gather to celebrate in a sacred way by holding a special annual ceremony that honors the Earth Mother, the living systems of Nature and the wonders of being a spiritual being on a human journey.  Each year we dance a new direction in the medicine wheel. This year we will dance in the West - the direction of going within, of magic, and water; of the Bear, Raven, and the Finned ones.

Long Dance brings together those new to ceremonial process and ways as well as those who return to continue their work year after year. While the ceremony is danced by women only, men stand in support as members of the Thunder Lodge, our brothers who honor the women by offering balance in holding this sacred container and safeguarding the ceremony. We are deeply grateful for the Thunder Lodge's support of this spiritual work and in turn support a Brothers-only Sweat Lodge, shared Pipe Ceremony and spiritual teachings throughout the weekend and opportunities to connect in sacred brotherhood throughout the year. 

At Long Dance we gather within our gender, to reconnect with our Earth Mother, to support the healing of wounds, to provide the chance to undertake a re-dreaming of one's life, to celebrate our warrior/wild woman/Artemis aspect, and to have permission to be fierce in our personal process.  It is a transformational event for everyone who comes.

More information can be found at www.longdance.org.


GENERAL POPULATION ...................$275 (Early Bird $250 thru August 1st, Late registration $275 after September 3rd) 

YOUTH (25 and under) and ELDER (52+) ............. $175

HOME LODGE WORK TRADE: Level I ...................$100 / Level II ..........................$150     (Limited! For more info and to apply see below. You must have a Home Lodge assignment and code to register.)

Includes Tipi Building, Sweat Lodge Building and Altar and Arbor Building Workshops (see below for Workshop Intensives sign up, space limited). Pipe Ceremony, Friday Evening Concert, Saturday All-Night Ceremony with Sweat Lodge offerings (and more), Brothers Teachings in the Thunder Lodge, Saturday night event kitchen and Sunday Harvest Breakfast, Trade Circle, Raffle, and the experience of a lifetime.

WEEKDAY EVENT PASS ........................ $50                                                                                 Join us Thursday Only for our Village Building Workshops OR Friday Only for Yoga, and Pipe Ceremony. Excludes camping and weekend main event. Register at the link below.

Sisters Register Now!BROTHERS! Participation is limited! Please email us at info@circlesofempowerment.org with your request to participate at Long Dance and we will contact you. BROTHERS PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AT THE LINK ABOVE!

More Information

All are asked to lend a hand during the weekend. There will be a sign-up sheet at registration and someone to help you choose a task aligned with your gifts and physical abilities. In this way, we add our own energy to the creation of this container, nurture connections with our brothers and sisters and share our gifts with our community.

Some physical ability is requested to participate in Workshop Intensives (although all registrants may attend and observe). Workshop Intensives take place on Thursday from 10am to 5pm and offer advanced training in the primary aspects of building the Village: Sweat Lodge building, and Altar/Arbor building. Volunteers welcome!

Home Lodge participation is an honor and an opportunity to experience the transformation that accompanies Long Dance more strongly, to create and nurture deep connections within a sacred container unlike any other. Being a part of Home Lodge requires committment and in return offers a whole new experience within that which is Long Dance. Prior attendance at Long Dance for at least one  year and participation in an "Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony" workshop offered by Circles of Empowerment throughout the year are desired pre-requesites for Home Lodge. Spaces are limited. Place contact Hua at (805) 481-0892 to apply to participate in Home Lodge, get your Lodge Assignment and receive the Home Lodge Registration Code. You must have the Home Lodge Registration Code to register! 

Builders of Empowerment Lodge is the official staff lodge of the ceremony. This is a full ride oppurtunity. Builders are expected to adhere to Lodge rules and work diligently. Responsibilities are to show up a day early, and stay a day later (Wed-Mon), and to help build and take down. If you wish to be a part of this lodge please contact Raven Star (Matthew Carey) at 805-503-8389 or email at info@circlesofempowerment.org

Scholarships - To apply for a scholarship please email us at info@circlesofempowerment.org, note "Long Dance Scholarship Request" in the subject line and tell us a little about yourself, why you wish to attend Long Dance and what gifts you may like to offer. All scholarships require a work-trade agreement (there are many opportunities, do not be discouraged if physical labor is not your thing). If you are interested in helping someone less fortunate to attend by donating to our scholarship fund, you may mail a check to the address below or you can send it via paypal to info@circlesofempowerment.org.


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