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Friday, July 20, 2018 at 7:30 PM CEST
Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 5:30 PM CEST

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119d Hollingdean Terrace Brighton East Sussex BN1 7HB


Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard
Images of Light 

London Dreams &

The Language of God

20-21 July 2018

This workshop will provide the opportunity for dreamers and non-dreamers alike to grow in understanding the hidden messages we receive at night!

Explore the wonderful world of the language of God who speaks in a myriad of ways! Learn how to engage with the Holy Spirit for interpretations of dreams, visions and pictures He gives you and others.

Biblically-based & practical, here's what you can expect to gain:

* The Father’s heart and a strong biblical foundation for interpreting dreams, visions and pictures

* Growth in understanding the language of the Holy Spirit

* Revelatory insight into the supernatural realm of dreams & visions

* Practical tools for unlocking the hidden meaning of your dreams, visions and pictures

* Ways for communicating interpretations in language that draws people closer to the heart of God

* Inspiration and encouragement in using the gifts of the Spirit outside the four walls of the church

Real-life examples, live interpretation, activation exercises and Q&A will make this a highly interactive and dynamic weekend.  Join us for a fun and transforming time of growing in understanding the language of God!

Hosted By

The London School of Supernatural Ministry

Please visit their to discover more abou this fantastic school!


Adult - 45 by 13 Jul / 55 after

Youth 18 & Under  - 35 by 13 Jul / 45 after

Dates & Times

Fri, 20 Jul           6:45 pm - Doors open         

                           7:30 - Workshop begins

                           9:30 - Workshop Ends

Sat, 21 Jul          9:00 am - Doors open

                           9:30 am - Workshop begins

                           12:00 pm - Lunch begins

                           1:00 pm - Workshop resumes

                           5:30 pm - Workshop ends

What to Bring

Please bring your dream journal, 2 different-colored pens, your Bible and plenty of note paper!