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Tueasday evenings (7-8:30pm),

Sept 11, 
Oct 16, 2018

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Grand River Unitarian 
299 Sydney Street S,
Kitchener,, ON N2G 3V8

Driving Directions 

 Introduction to Zen Buddhism - meditation and koans 

 a path of personal growth

This six week class covers everything you need to develop a meditation practice in your life and also points to something even more fundamental - a way to experience and live in freedom and joy, no matter what the circumstances of your life. This is the path of Zen, and this class is a first step to discovering this for yourself. 

Whether you are a person who works with their hands, an artist, a professional, or a person who doesn't use labels, Zen meditation and koans are way of making your true life directly available to you (and with all the freedom and joy that comes from that), in a real and grounded way.


Class 1: Introduction to the class, Zen, and to each other

Class 2: Zen meditation - step by step. There are many types of meditation, but what is so unique and powerful about Zen meditation?

Class 3: Koans. Working with koans is a Zen process used to help bring people to awakening. 

Class 4: Zen Meditation, a deep dive. 

Class 5: Stepping into a koan. In this session we will bring to life the koan work we started in session 3. 

Class 6: Course review and next steps.

Cost: $195, LZC Members $95

This class is led by Guy Gaudry, Roshi. After successfully training in Zen in the classical manner for 20 years, Guy went on to study koans, after which he received Dharma Transmission in the Zen line of John Tarrant and Robert Aitken. He now directs the London Zen Centre and teaches across Canada. Using meditation, koans, art, and conversation, Guy presents a direct and warm way to step into a more open and direct way of experiencing your life. 

Register Now!Note: A copy of Steve Hagen's "Meditation, Now or Never" book on Zen meditation is included in the cost. This class is one of the most popular and usually fills up quickly so register early to reserve your spot. Payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card (click on the paypal icon and choose no paypal account).