Wednesday, October 24, 2018 from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM PDT

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Sheraton Guildford 
15269 - 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1N5

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Connect your products with your market at the Fenestration Association of BC's Annual Industry Conference.

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Fenestration Association of BC Industry Conference 2018 

730 am - 815 am - Registration and Buffet Hot Breakfast

815 am - 830 am - Opening Remarks - FENBC Technical Committee Chairperson - David Vadocz (RDH Building Science Inc.)

Breakfast Keynote (830 am - 930 am) -
The Code Talkers - Dave Goldsmith (Plygem), Al Jaugelis (RDH Building Science Inc) and David Vadocz (RDH Building Science Inc)

Join the panel and participate in the conversation.  During this session the following will be discussed

1.Ask the Audience!
2.The conflict between Egress Window requirements and Sash Restrictor requirements.
•Can an Egress Window have a releasable Sash Restrictor,  or not?
•Are there other approaches to code compliance?
3.Glass edge deflection in NAFS,  BCBC,  and reality.
•NAFS Class R and LC products are not required to have an L/175 deflection limit on intermediate members,  but CW and AW are.
•The referenced standards for glass strength in NAFS and BCBC assume the supported glass edge does not deflect > L/175 at DP.
•How can specifiers ensure that multi-lite products in any Performance Class have rigid enough intermediate members?
4.Future Topics????

Look for this panel discussion to be the Keynote at all FENBC future conferences



930 am - 945 am

Short break to transfer to breakout rooms

945 am - 1045 am

Stream 1 - Commercial (Room TBD)
Fenestration - Project Average U-Value
Flexibility Provision in the City of Vancouver

  1. Quick overview of fenestration thermal performance clauses in standards/building codes
  2. How to comply with the flexibility provision when the project cannot meet the prescriptive method
    • Approved/recommended calculation methods from the City of Vancouver
    • List of things that the City of Vancouver requires in the report
    Speaker:  Edward Lau, Layton Consulting

This session will include a panel for the Q&A portion.  The panelists will be Gary Brown (SGB Consulting), Al Jaugelis (RDH Building Science), Brady Faught (City of Vancouver) others TBD


Stream 2 - Residential (Room TBD)
 Launch of Fenestration Canada's FIT Certification Program

Terry Adamson will provide an update on the revival of the Fenestration Canada's Fenestration Installation Training Certification Program.

Speaker- Terry Adamson (Westech Windows & Doors) and Lisa Bergeron (JeldWen)  

Stream 2 - Residential (Room TBD)
Canadian Methodology for Window U-Values in Passive House Buildings

More to follow

Speaker- Daniel Haaland (RDH Building Science)  

1045 am - 1100 am

Short break to transfer to breakout rooms

1100 am - 1200 Noon

Stream 2 - Commercial (Room TBD)

Fire-Rated Glazing Options in Canada

Glassopolis's presentation highlights recent changes to the Canadian General Standards Board regarding wired glass and provides an overview of safe, code compliant and cost effective fire rated glazing solutions for the Canadian market.

Speaker- Michael Keffer, Glassopolis
Michael Keffer manages key accounts for Glassopolis in Canada.  He brings 25 years of brand development and sales and marketing experience across the construction technology and consumer goods industry sectors.  Michael is responsible for market outreach and education initiatives for Glassopolis.

 Stream 2 - Residential (Room TBD)

Update on the Energy Efficiency Act (Residential Fenestration)

Cameron Shook from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources will speak on the Energy Efficiency Act. Cameron’s presentation will focus on residential fenestration. He will provide an overview of the certification, labelling, and performance requirements in the Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation. Cameron will also discuss the scope of products covered, compliance, and the process of updating standards

Speaker:  Cam Shook, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

1200 Noon to 12:45 pm

Lunch, Networking - View Exhibits

Lunch Keynote (12:45 pm - 1:30 pm) - Cannabis and the Workplace - The Road to Legalization and Regulation in Canada

The Government of Canada's proposed Cannabis Act raises questions and challenges for Canadian employers when it comes to managing employees' use (and abuse) of cannabis in the workplace.  Employees already have easy access to cannabis for medical purposes, which can create a conflict between an employer's obligation to ensure a safe workplace and duty to accommodate.  In this session, Graeme McFarlane will discuss myths and facts about the Cannabis Act, duty to accommodate, and what employers should be doing to prepare for the legalization of cannabis in July 2018.

Learning objectives:

  • What employers need to know about the proposed Cannabis Act and the anticipated impact on the workplace
  • An understanding of an employer's obligation to ensure its employees are unimpaired and fit for work
  • How employers can ensure their employees are fit to work with the increasing use of cannabis for medical purposes
  • Knowledge of what employers have to accommodate, and what they don't with the legalization and regulation of cannabis
  • Practical pointers on what employers should be doing to prepare for the legalization of cannabis.

Speaker:  Graeme McFarlane, Roper Greyell LLP
Graeme is a founding partner at Roper Greyell where he provides strategic and practical advice to employers on labour, employment and human rights issues in the workplace.  Before he was a lawyer, Graeme was a labour relations expert for several national companies.  His clients are varied and represent the rich diversity of businesses in BC, which creates an interesting and challenging work environment for him to develop strategic results and practical solutions.  Graeme has appeared before courts of all jurisdictions in BC as well as before the Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Tribunal and the Employment Standards Tribunal.


Cardinal New

130 pm - 145 pm

Short break to transfer to breakout rooms

1:45 pm to 2:45 pm

Stream 1 - Commercial (Room TBD) 

Complying with the CSA A500 from 2 Key Perspectives 

The National Building Code has adopted the A500 document on Building Guards, but the BC Building Code has yet to do so. This has caused some confusion and questions regarding compliance and proper usage in the glazing world as the details have become more complex.

In this session, David Vadocz and Carlos Muller will provide their insights from the perspective of an engineer and a contractor. They will also detail what you can do to prepare for the future adoption of the CSA A500 standard in the BCBC as well as what you can do now during this current stage using examples and case studies. There will be a Q&A session following the event so be sure to bring your questions.

Speaker- David Vadocz (RDH) and Carlos Mueller (Atlas Meridian)

  Stream 2 - Residential (Room TBD)

Selecting Windows for the Step Code
How U-Values and Solar Heat Gain Achieve Specific Step Code Tiers and Common Missteps

Learn how windows can optimize the energy efficiency of a house by diving into the technology behind the glass and the frame. Gain insight into how window U values and solar heat gain can impact code compliance and specific steps of the energy step code. Understand the unintended consequences with selecting windows with high solar heat gain. How to address life safety in the building code and when is tempered glass required.

Speaker- Anton Van Dyk

Anton Van Dyk has 20 years of building envelope related consulting and construction experience.  Anton is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Centra windows as well as being involved its Research and Development department.  Anton has been actively involved in overseeing the implementation of new windows standards into its manufacturing and sales departments.

Prior to his involvement with Centra Windows, Anton was actively involved in the building science consulting industry,   this included consulting on multi-million dollar building envelope rehabilitation projects on existing occupied buildings and small scale repairs including deck and window upgrades.  New construction experience consists of mixed use wood and concrete frame construction for low and high rise buildings along with speciality projects such as an addition to library and the design of a modern performing arts center.

Building envelope experience ranges from standard rainscreen concepts to high performance pressure equalized rainscreen cavities to pre-cast wall systems.  Anton specialized in air barrier concepts along with continuous exterior insulation methods.

Anton has worked with multiple window and glazing products ranging from curtain wall, window wall, storefront, fiberglass and vinyl tilt-and-turn and most commonly used nail-on flange windows.  Anton has helped develop window testing protocols and is actively involved in the field testing of windows and doors.

Anton has been involved in many building restoration construction projects ranging from full cladding replacement to window retrofitting on high exposed buildings and low exposed single family homes.

300 pm to 330 pm

Closing Remarks - in main meeting room