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LEASEMAKERS: Comprehensive Apartment Leasing Seminar
Featuring Rick Ellis, CPM

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LEASEMAKERS with Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

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Seminar Date:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

CORT Furniture rental Showroom

Training Room

1505 Valwood Pkwy, STE 100


Learn how to get more prospects in apartments right now
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    LEASEMAKERS is a comprehensive leasing and sales seminar that is jam-packed full of the fundamentals that will make your on-site team successful. From telephone skills to securing the lease, LEASEMAKERS highlights the critical components of an effective and productive leasing presentation. Best of all, the seminar promotes Relationship Leasing, a sales style that respects each rental prospect as a person with unique needs and wants; not simply a piece of traffic.

Our Guarantee:  Your Money Back if You Don't Improve Your Leasing Skills!  

    (If your participants do not return to the property better leasers, however you measure better, then you don’t pay!)

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  • The reason we exist...as onsite professionals!
  • Understanding the real customer and what he wants from the onsite professional 
  • Introducing: Relationship Leasing
  • Finding Your Leasing Style
  • FEP - The Leasing Magic Ingredient
  • Foundations for Leasing – Treat People Right!
  • Characteristics of an effective On-Site Professional
  • The Leasing Presentation Outline - Map to Success


  • The Telephone - The Most Important Leasing Tool in the Office!
  • The Telephone Dilemma...and how to Resolve it
  • Your #1 Objective: Get the Prospect to the Property RIGHT NOW!
  • Six Steps to Make Each Call a Success!
  • Essential Telephone Tools & the Leasing Notebook
  • Gaining Control of the Conversation
  • Qualifying on the Telephone-The Amazing Guest Card
  • Demonstrating Your Community over the Phone-Painting Word Pictures
  • Securing the Onsite Appointment - Getting the prospect to the property...         RIGHT NOW!

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  • Show Empathy – Use a Positive Leasing Vocabulary
  • The Five Ss of Greeting-Creating the best first impression
  • The Qualifying Process-Creating trust & confidence
  • Guest Card Basics-Let's Chat & be Friends
  • Initial and Critical Qualifying Questions
  • Plus...More Qualifying and Probing Questions


  • Tour Strategies – Showing Your Community’s Best Side!
  • Techniques for showing the apartment home
  • Feature/Benefit Selling-Creating Wants & Needs


  • What it takes to be a Master Closer
  • "Commencing" rather than Closing
  • Three Reasons Why Leasing Consultants Fail to Close
  • Closing Basics-Start by asking for the Money!
  • Overcoming Objections-Keeping it simple!
  • Anticipate Questions - The Easiest Way to Overcome Objections
  • Handling the Put Off-"Let me think about it."
  • 5 Closes to set the Committment