Tuesday, September 18, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM EDT
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Richcraft Hall - Carleton University 

9376 University Dr

Driving Directions Ottawa ON


Kathryn Norman 
Sustainable Eastern Ontario 

Sustainable Energy Social Finance Design Lab 

Join the Ottawa Energy Collective Impact team for an important event connecting energy and social finance from 8:30-3:30 on September 18, 2018, at Carleton University - Room 2220RB, Richcraft Hall.

Admission: 75$/Participant Using Code EARLYBIRD25 until September 5! $100/participant after September 5th.

Key speakers and outline (full agenda to come):


 Tessa Hebb, Carleton University

Kristina Inrig and Kara Stonehouse, Sustainable Energy Collective Impact team

Keynote Address: Tim Stoate, Vice President, The Atmospheric Fund (TAF)

The keynote will take a broad overview of the challenges and opportunities in the Ottawa/Gatineau region for developing social finance strategies, tools and instruments that will provide investment in sustainable energy use in buildings in our region. What will it take to achieve our goals? Who needs to be at the table? What tools are needed and why? How can we build this capacity in our city? What can we learn from other cities who have been successful in creating viable social finance options for investment in GHG reduction in their built environment?

Panel 1 - What are the social finance models for renewable energy? 


Tim Stoate, TAF


Chris Henderson, President, Lumos Energy

Janice Ashworth, Managing Director, OREC

Other speakers to be confirmed


Each member of this panel represents a social finance model for investment in renewable energy. They, together with our moderator, will provide some detail on their model and how it works. The panel will explore the challenges that each model had to overcome within its own market. Panel members will discuss the ways in which their organizations addressed these challenges, how they measure success, who invests and why, and what lessons learned they would pass on to others in the field. They will also discuss whether these models are applicable to Ottawa, and why or why not?

Panel 2 – What conditions can we set for massively scaling up deep retrofits in Ottawa?
James McNeil - JJ McNEIL Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Trevor Freeman, Hydro Ottawa
Daniel Gosselin, Public Services & Procurement Canada
Brandon Malleck, Technical Services Manager, Bentall Kennedy & Chair, Ottawa Sustainability Fund
This panel will discuss how to systematically get 100’s of millions of dollar’s worth of deep greenhouse gas reductions strategies implemented in Ottawa by 2030. They will define the key barriers and risks to building owners and managers activating deep retrofits with a financial lens, such as occupant demand, access to capital, operational pay back periods, technology cost and legal frameworks.  They will talk about visionary examples, from Ottawa and nationally, and discuss the risks of not taking action to drastically improve building performance. Panelists will imagine what it would take to move through barriers to achieve a net-zero building performance for Ottawa.  

Panel 3 - What do investors want and need in order to invest?
Tessa Hebb, Research Fellow, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation

Brian Toller, Investment Committee, Ottawa Community Foundation
Lars Boggild, Account Manager, Van City Community Investment Bank
John Hastings, Investment Advisor, Royal Bank of Canada

This panel will focus on what impact investors are looking for in order to make investments in
renewable energy social finance instruments. They will discuss any investments they have
made in this sector, how they were made and the rational behind the investment opportunity.
They will compare these investments to other impact investments in their portfolio. Were
there a variety of forms of capital in the deal ranging from grants, guarantees, low interest
loans, and market rate investments. The panel will explore the kind of new social finance opportunities in GHG reduction in Ottawa that would attract them to invest. They will also detail the type of opportunities that are not of interest to private investors.

COST $75/participant with discount code EARLYBIRD25- please click the link below to register.

(Cost increases to $100 after September 5th)