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Benet Hill Monastery 
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                    Does your spiritual life involve both wonder and wandering?               Growth in faith often happens when wrestling with your doubts and questions?

FEE: $45 per session                          GROUP RATE: $25 each with 5 or more                     Walk-Ins pay an additional $5 more                                                                                                      NOTE: All Fees must be received before the event or you are considered a Walk-In and pay an additional $5 (even though you have registered online).   We have a No Refund/No Transfer Policy if you cancel.               

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I Stopped Going to Church Because...." Saturday, February 2  9:00am-noon   Are you among those who feel marginalized and discounted by the Church in which you were raised? Do you still want to belong and find spiritual nourishment; but are experiencing the pain of alienation? Come, join the conversation for understanding and realize you are not alone.   Facilitators: Sisters Anne Stedman and Rose Ann Barmann, OSB

Sister Anne Stedman, OSB received her theology degree in Liturgy from Seattle University and was Director of Liturgy for the Archdiocese of Denver for 5 years. Sister Anne has shared who love and knowledge of worhsip with all ages and many faiths for over fifty years. "Connecting worship with our daily lives is pure gift." 

                                                                                                                          Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB hasbeen a Benedictine Sister for over 58 years and has   taught all age groups from young children and youth to college students and adults. She enjoys interacting and engaging with people seeking to discover deeper meaning in their lives. Sister Rose Ann has also led retreats and given talks and presentations about Benedictine life, spirituality and theology. Her love for living out her monastic Benedictine vows influences and guides all facets of  her teaching ministry.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Where do I fit ...What am I seeking"   Saturday, April 27  9:00 am-noon        Are you part of the new generation of believers, seekers, and those in between who long for community and a place to be accepted despite doubts and questions? This class is for all struggling with the experience of faith in God in an institutional setting or have connected with God on a deep level outside of a church through their everyday experiences and relationships. We will share and reflect on ways to nurture our faith with our whole selves in work, play, and relationships. Facilitator: Sister Rose Ann Barmann, OSB