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Retaining Gift Officers 

A competitive labor market, an improving economy, a lengthy list of appealing job opportunities and a continual stream of head hunter calls – What does it all mean? It means that development leaders are under increased pressure to create a professional environment that remains continually attractive to high performing gift officers.  And nothing may be more important today to advancing your institution than retaining top flight, motivated and results-oriented gift officers.  Yet, some institutions struggle to find the “right” persons to fill positions, and they experience frequent gift officer turnover, often losing their “brightest and best” to other institutions at an alarming rate.

Why?  And how do we strategically address these challenges to build a long-tenured, thriving team that propels our institutions toward their highest destiny?

Join us for this Gonser Gerber Institute webinar, presented by Gonser Gerber Senior Consultant Charlie Shepard, as we take a deeper look into the systemic issue of retaining advancement staff. He will explore the ways successful institutions -- those recognized year in and year-out for their development accomplishments -- find staff members who “fit” with their institution, and how they keep them from departing to greener pastures.

Topics We Will Cover Include:

  • Is gift officer turnover a systemic problem? 
  • How does gift officer turnover impede donor confidence? 
  • Why top performers move on and why they stay. 
  • Performance appraisal programs and metrics that inspire gift officers. 
  • Building a culture that engages and reinforces the value system of your gift officers.

On Demand Details: After your registration, you will receive a copy of the power point presentation as well as a copy of the recording. (Please allow at least 48 business hours to receive your materials after payment is received.) You will be able to share these materials with your entire team, including volunteers, and review the recording as many times as you need.


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Charlie Shepard, Senior Consultant at Gonser Gerber, provides development consulting services to non-profit organizations, including developing and strengthening Boards, gift programs, campaign planning and execution, advancement team building, and other aspects of institutional advancement. Prior to joining Gonser Gerber, Charlie served as Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Asbury University in Kentucky and The University of Findlay in Ohio.