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Integrative Bowen and EMDR (iBE) Therapy

San Diego 3-Day Intensive iBE Workshop   

"Clear Relationship Stress and Trauma, Boost Inner Strength"

              September 22 and October 27: Two Full Saturdays for Clearing                        Past Relationship Stress

November 10:  Be Your Own Best Friend Day 

When I Do Relationships So Right, How Do They Go So Wrong

Do you have any ROCKY relationships? Want to turn them into REWARDING ones?

With Dana's Group Intensive and in her new book (FREE to all participants on September 22), 

UNCOVER the hidden habits and patterns silently damaging your relationships.


Dana Terrell, LCSW (CA Lic. No. 13773) 

I began integrating Bowen and EMDR in 1997.  My research has shown that iBE Therapy can produce a greater gain in emotional maturity in three to twelve months than Bowen thought possible in one lifetime.  A Bowen-trained therapist who experienced iBE Therapy said, “This is like Bowen on steroids!”

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*FREE Prep Night Available by Video

at your convenience before September 22, 2018 

If you are committed, this is the time to lay down the foundation for Friday’s work. If you are curious, this is a time to get more information and if there are still openings, you can choose to join us for the 3 day weekend workshop.  


This Group Intensive is designed to help

You, Your Relationships, and the Generations to Come

DAY 1:  Saturday, September 22, 2018

TOPICS:  Conflict and Distance

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (with a two hour break at Noon)


DAY 2:  Saturday, October  27, 2018

TOPICS:   Triangling ("Bringing in a Third") and Overfunctioning/Underfunctioning (One Up/One Down)

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


DAY 3: Saturday, November 10, 2018

TOPICS: BYOBF Day (Be Your Own Best Friend Day), Learning to take an I Position, Making good decisions, etc.

10 AM to 3 PM

NOTE:  If you have had a bad experience in group or individual therapy, or with art and drawing, or have experienced early abuse or neglect, it might be recommended to have an individual session in person or by Zoom (a HIPPA-compliant version of Skype) with Dana Terrell before the group event. We might need to consider if group therapy would meet your needs or if individual therapy would be a better fit. Please call Dana at (619) 322-3666 to discuss this with her.