Saturday, September 8, 2018 
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

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LaQuinta Inn & Suites 
100 Congress Street
Springfield, MA 01104

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Mychal Connolly 
SCORE Western Massachusetts 



September 8, 2018  

Join us for a day of personal and professional development at the Western Massachusetts Chapter of SCORE’s inaugural Women’s Conference! SCORE, along with its community and corporate partners, welcome you to a morning trade show, showcasing amazing community-led businesses by and for women, inspiring luncheon keynote speaker, and an afternoon of workshops where participants will be able to follow a Financial, Marketing, or Organizational Leadership Track.



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Outline of Sessions

Small Business Marketing:  A Crash Course
Michelle Miller, Director – Central MA; Center for Women & Enterprise  

As an entrepreneur, you have a wealth of marketing opportunities at your fingertips.  The good news:  most of it is free or low-cost.  The challenge:  to be successful, you need a killer strategy that employs only what works.  Join us for a discussion on the core components of a marketing strategy.  This will include tips on how to identify what tools are the best use of your time, and what resources are available to help you. 

Defining Appreciation in the Workplace
Julie Koivisto, MEd

Have you ever found yourself frustrated at work, because you just completed a major project and NO ONE has said anything to you about it? Or, do you resent a coworker because they seem to speed through their work, and then never offer to help you? This is normal, and can easily be fixed. Developing an understanding of how you like to be appreciated by your supervisors and colleagues, and how they like to be appreciated plays a significant role in how you achieve your day to day tasks. Throughout this session we will learn about the 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace and how you can utilize the information to improve your work environment. 

Understanding Credit
Cait Murray, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

Come to this session to learn about the major players in credit reporting, what is included in your credit report, and how you can check it. We will also review how credit scores are calculated, what they are used for, and how you can have an impact on yours.  You will leave this workshop with tips on how to build, maintain, or improve your credit score, and make it work for you! 

The Building of a Brand
Mary F. Simeoli, Esq.

In this session we’ll discuss brand development and strategy. Starting at the very beginning, this session will focus on personal brand and how that translates into client interactions, new business, and collaboration. We'll discuss defining your brand and how to communicate your business goals and objectives to your target audiences. Together we’ll talk about business identity, language, and your brand-building to-dos! 

Balancing Boardrooms: The Time for Financial Equity Through Corporate Finance
Kathryn Megraw, MBA

Banking is a critical resource for consumers and businesses alike. Banks allow us to move our money, facilitate life's big purchases and create personal wealth. This highly regulated environment still has far too few women and minorities represented in it's elite executive teams, and struggles to serve members of the shadow economy. Banking is in transformation, and now is the time to ensure women and minorities are leading the charge for more sound financial futures. Promoting Banking and Personal Finance basics, then focusing on balanced boardrooms and the underbanked will create value for our community.



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