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Able to Teach Online Registration

This page is just for online registration for "Able to Teach." For details and a course syllabus, follow the link here:  Able to Teach.

This course is taught year around online but periodically we offer live classes by arrangement.  Please note on your registration that you are registering for the live class as you will receive your course worktext on the first evening of the class.

For those taking the course online,  once you register, within 5-7 business days*, we will mail you the course text and notify the online instructor, Maggie Dail, of your registration.  You will also receive an evite within 5-7 business days to access the virtual classroom.  After receiving your evite you can begin Session O.  You will need your course text for Sessions 1-6. We ask that you try to complete the course within 4-6 weeks once you receive your course text.  Please note that registration is non-refundable though if needed, extra time to complete the course can be given by the instructor.

This course is chocked full of information, so we often warn people that it will be like drinking from a fire hose.  You will learn much about what makes for excellent education and effective methods of instruction, with many helpful resources listed.  

Speaking of resources, FREE shipping is available when you order along with your Able to Teach registration (follow this link for details on each):



If you need additional help to get started in the virtual classroom, please feel free to contact Maggie Dail -- email: or phone 253-581-1588.

* Registrations between Dec 16-Jan 4 and June 25-July 27 make take longer due to staff vacations.