Membership Fees

$100 per institution




Jay Ruffner, NNLSO Treasurer
Case Western Reserve University
School of Law
Cleveland, OH 44106

NNLSO Membership Drive and Renewal 

Hello Fellow Law School Officer,

Thank you for taking a quick break from your busy day to update your school’s NNLSO membership information and provide payment of the yearly dues. We hope this new process brings convenience and efficiency to our members. Membership dues are crucial to furthering NNLSOs mission of continuing the education and development of all law school officers. Our dues remain at a low $100 per school for the entire year.

A Few FAQs:

How many members does the membership fee cover?
There is one fee per institution, which covers anyone from that institution who wants to participate in member benefits.  In other words, an unlimited number of members per school!

How do I add people from my institution to our NNLSO membership and NNLSO member benefits?
After completing the online application, you will recieve a confirmation email with a set-up link.  The link provided can be shared with members of your law school, where they can each set-up their membership access individually.  All you have to do is share the link with them!

Can I pay online?
Yes, the online application will allow you to pay using a credit card.

Can I obtain an electronic invoice or receipt?
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation once you have completed the online application.  If you pay online with a credit card, the email will include the amount paid and receipt information.  If you plan to pay by check, the confirmation email receipt will show the address where you should mail the confirmation email with your check, and membership information.  If you need additional documentation or invoicing, please complete the online process, and also send an email to to request any additional documentation you may need for your institution.

My school is asking for a W-9, where do I get one?
Click here

How can I become more involved in NNLSO?
Contact us

Where can I find more information about NNLSO?
Visit our website

Additional questions?  Please don't hesitate to email Jay Ruffner with your concerns. Thank you!