C U L T I V A T I N G 

T H R E E 

T R E A S U R E S 

I N   T I M E S  OF   T R O U B L E



A three class series on sound, plant, & erotic alchemy.
Medicine making, Sound Healing in a cermemonial space.

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(inhabited by all genders)

Sacred Bowl :: Seat of Creation
Western Red Cedar
Full Moon Planetary Frequency

August 26, 2018

11:00 am
6:00 pm

ALL 3 Classes // $325
3 Sundays // August 26, September 16, September 23
or 1 class for $135

private location on lopez island, wa

details to follow upon registration 

scholarships upon availability
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The womb, or belly, otherwise known as Hara or Dan Tien from Asian medicine practices or
sacred bowl in pagan traditions. All refer to the seat of creation. We think and process emotions in our gut. It is our connection 
to the nourishing waters of the earth that support life. Western Red Cedar is known
by some first nations of the Pacific Northwest as the “tree of life” or “life giver” because it was used to make shelter, food and medicine. The F
ull Moon planetary frequency is used to access the great reservoir of yin - the yin waters that nourish, build and support all of Life. The Full moon is associated with the grandmother,
raising and lowering of tides, emotions, fertility, and supports rhythmic flows of deepest creation.

*In this class we will make an infused oil 
with Western Red Cedar and Full Moon frequency according to Western and Eastern alchemical practices.

Carmen Cicotti and Eleanor Burke