C U L T I V A T I N G 

T H R E E 

T R E A S U R E S 

I N   T I M E S  OF   T R O U B L E



Part II in a three class series on sound, plant, & erotic alchemy.
Medicine making, Sound Healing in a cermemonial space.

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Wings wide :: Heart Open
Venus Planetary Frequency

September 16, 2018

11:00 am
6:00 pm 


private location on lopez island, wa

details to follow upon registration 

scholarships upon availability
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The heart is seat of the soul and houses the spark of life. Associated with the element of fire, the heart
exudes warmth, creativity and passion. We will explore our heart's deep relationship with the rhythms in our natural world which lead us is into the beautiful unfolding mystery of our life’s purpose 
and destiny. Rose is the renowned
flower of love and romance, an aphrodisiac and fragrance of intoxication. It is beloved by lovers, poets and healers across the globe. The Venus Planetary Frequency resounds with love, affection and the appreciation of beauty.
Venus is the eternal lover and bearer of eros, the passionate creatrix, bringing forth sensuality, justice, and a generosity of spirit. This frequecy is used to enhance creativity and passions on all levels.

*In this class we will make an infused oil 
with Western Red Cedar and Full Moon frequency according to Western and Eastern alchemical practices.

Carmen Cicotti and Eleanor Burke