C U L T I V A T I N G 

T H R E E 

T R E A S U R E S 

I N   T I M E S  OF   T R O U B L E



Part III in a three class series on sound, plant, & erotic alchemy.
Medicine making, Sound Healing in a cermemonial space.

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Bold Voice :: Speak Your Truth
New Moon Planetary Frequency

September 23, 2018

11:00 am
6:00 pm 


private location on lopez island, wa

details to follow upon registration 

scholarships upon availability
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The throat, location of the 5th chakra is  the higher octave of the womb. It offers itself as
a place of the narrows and passage way for creation. From the marriage of the earth and the heavens in the heart, we then express ourselves through the song of our heart’s truth. Yarrow growing widespread across the Pacific Northwest, hugs the coastline, traffic circles, lawns, and gardens, offering its stalwart medicine
for blood purifying, colds and fevers, dream work, divination and as the protector of boundaries. 
New Moon planetary frequency represents the darkest night of the lunar cycle opening to and creating alignment with our deepest self. This frequency is used to open and release that which no longer serves us as well as our primordial memories and instincts.

*In this class we will make an infused oil 
with Western Red Cedar and Full Moon frequency, according to Western and Eastern alchemical practices.

Carmen Cicotti and Eleanor Burke