Wednesdays at 11:00am PAC
Thursdays at 5:30pm PAC

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ONLINE at wholyfit.webex.com
Live from LA WholyFIt Studio to your home!


Begins November 14, content:

- Kickoff: Watch Party Premiere 
- "Surrender" Gentle Body Power Routine AND...
- You on YouTube.com/WholyFit! (Optional)

Future Semesters:

 WholyFit Ballet Barre 
WholyFit Sit Chair Exercise
Isaiah 61 GBP
WholyFit Restorative
GBP Partner Extravaganza!  


Past Semesters:

1. Advanced Postures
2. Abide Gentle Body Power Heirloom Routine
3. A.R.T. Aerobic Resistance Training
4. K700 Kickboxing
5. Baila Cardio Dance 
6. Psalm 91 Gentle Body Power Heirloom Routine


Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder,
ACSM Exercise Physiologist,
UFAF Black Belt
WholyFit Fitness Pros for Christ

WholyFit is a non-profit ministry of:

Fitness Pros for Christ
A non-profit 501 (C) (3) 


WholyFit Fusion, Fun and Fitness
Online Classes with Laura

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Free to Gold Re-certified Instructors*

*Gold Certified? Fast Track to get Gold Re-certified. 
(Go to #7 on this page: https://www.wholyfit.com/re-certify



Hi! This is Laura, your friendly, neighborhood WholyFit Founder. I'm very excited to extend to all WholyFit Fitness Pros for Christ an invitation to attend my own personal group exercise classes just for you. 

  1. *FREE to all Gold Re-Certified Instructors 
  2. Not Gold Re-Certified? Fast Track to get gold Re-certified (Go to #7 on this page: https://www.wholyfit.com/re-certify
  3. *Get the "Surrender" routine if you don't have it yet (out of order OK)  https://www.wholyfit.com/heirloom-routines
                                          You Are Invited


WholyFit Gold Re-Certified Instructors can take the class FREE, for ongoing, online exercise classes and fellowship with Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder.

    • Not WF Certified? Get certified today! Register for the January WF BETA semester taught by Laura Monica, WholyFit Founder
    • Not yet GOLD Certified? Register for Gold or ask a WF Gold Re-certified instructor to bring you as a guest.**
    • Lapsed in your certification? Welcome back to the NEW WholyFit! Let's share how we each have grown!

    **GUESTS - public welcome

    Gold Re-certified instructor can bring 1 friend one time per semester, if the friend takes the class physically in the same location with you, if you use the same login on webex. 

    What to Expect



    Learn the skills, music and techniques in person including how to teach the new routines to others and how to modify each pose for your needs. 


    You are invited to join our team YouTube projects and other new WholyFit video projects for wholyfit.tv launch, public TV, ROKU and other online platforms. Come to class if you want to be in a WholyFit video. (All videos for the public must be initiated through Laura. This is according to your Unity Agreement.) I'm really excited about these creative classes with YOU to support you in YOUR calling, maybe to make new exercise videos for youtube.com/wholyfit and minister to people through exercise. 


    WholyFit is now fully focused toward evangelism, reachig the lost in person and on the internet, for Christ. This is  an updated call of the heart. We have always been eager to reach the lost, but it seemed God has used us in the past to build up our committed Christian team before being able to really reach outside the "Church." We are all EXCITED ABOUT evangelism because it's SO EASY with WholyFit.  We believe WholyFit content is something people WANT and we believe God will use this to minister the Gospel through exercise: what could be better than that?

    Exercise ministry is fun and fitness!  You can experience WholyFit classes of all kinds with all kind of "class attender only" special exercises just shared with you. Whether your medium is stretching, cardio, dance, walking or FLYing, there will be fun classes that fit your interest! Develop your own WholyFit Fusion class by combining diffrerent types of WholyFit branded exercise systems.

    Thank you for your interest! I'm serving you by working hard to provide ongoing continuing education that is industry CRASHING, and meaningful to you so that you have the latest and greatest to present to your classes. You will never get bored with WholyFit, if I have anything to do with it!


    ...Getting to know each other, supporting each other, sharing our dreams, our challenges, our prayers...The best part about Thursday nights is all the FUN WE HAVE TOGETHER! We get to know other WholyFit instructors, sharing our lives and our group exercise ideas.

    See you soon!