November 16 - 18  (Friday - Sunday), 9 AM to 5 PM            

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Bradford Sportsmen's Farm 
11394 SW 106th Ave
Graham, FL 32042

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Mike Price
(352) 283-8340


Stopping Active Threats - The Israeli Experience 

- A Rare Training Opportunity -


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You know the reputation of the Israeli's in threat detection and prevention - Legendary, to say the least!  This is your opportunity to learn how the Israeli's do it and earn a graduation certificate from Israel's IMI Academy.

The Israeli approach differs in many respects from what we commonly practice in the US. It is important that you keep an open mind and do your best to learn and practice these methods throughout the seminar.  

If you are not willing to practice these methods throughout the seminar, then we suggest you not register.  We are not trying to convert you from the way you normally shoot and defend against a threat, only exposing you to methods that are new and different.  This  seminar is limited to 20 students.  

Stopping Active Threats- The Israeli Experience

Sponsoring Organizations:  IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training,  Gaines Concealed Carry, and Family First Defense of Gainesville, Florida are collaborating to offer firearms instructors, private and church security teams, law enforcement, and concerned citizens a one-of-a-kind seminar, Stopping Active Threats - The Israeli Experience.  IMI Academy is a subsidiary of IMI Systems, an Israeli Government-owned company known for products such as Uzi, Desert Eagle, Galil, Tavor, and other types of munitions.

Seminar Instructor:  Haim Geri, Senior Instructor & Operational Advisor for IMI Academy, will conduct the seminar.  Previously, he served in the Israel Defense Forces as Company Commander and Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations in charge of the northern border.  Upon discharge at the rank of Captain, Mr. Geri joined the General Security Services (GSS) of Israel where he served as Chief of Security for Israeli embassies in Latin America and Switzerland.  He also served as an Air Marshall for El Al Airlines.  Later, he joined the GSS Counter-Terror Academy to train students in aviation, maritime, critical infrastructure, and executive protection tactics.  Mr. Geri brings decades of experience in counter-terrorism, SWAT, and firearms training to a new generation of professionals.

Bradford Sportsmen's Farm Founded in 1990, the Bradford Sportsmen's Farm (BSF) s located on 183 acres of farm land in Graham, Florida, just south of Gainesville, home of the University of Florida.  BSF has  one of the largest and most diverse shooting ranges in the State. The entire Seminar, classroom and range, will be held in this rustic location.  Seminar sponsors are proud to be able to offer this seminar at such an outstanding firearms facility.

Seminar Curriculum:  Trainees will learn tactical methods developed and tested in Israel to counter active threat scenarios. They will receive unique training in Krav Maga, shooting, and fighting techniques that security units must undergo in Israel.  Those who successfully complete the three-day seminar will be certified in tactical response and fighting techniques at Israeli Government-mandated standards.  

The Israeli Security Concept.  Includes key concepts and methodologies that influence security system design, procedures, and training of individuals and security personnel in both public and private sectors. Concepts include offense as a defensive approach, use of predictive profiling and security questioning, localized response capabilities, and threat orientation as opposed to risk orientation.

Active Threats.  Analyzing active threat cases (guns, bombs, knives, vehicles, etc.) will help us to understand the threat and the way to prevent and respond.

Prevention Methods.  Learn how Israeli organizations developed prevention methods to counter active threats. These methods include use of visual profiling, questioning, "Detection and Analysis of People by Action" (DAPA), and the use of security rings as a security system.

Introduction to Krav Maga.  Learn about the history of krav maga and the development of this important defense tool. We will do basic training in class to experience the use of the system.

Dry practice and Live Fire:  Israeli Shooting and Fighting Method.  You will practice fighting and shooting techniques and understand why Israel adopted these approaches and their effectiveness in stopping active threats. 

Day One Classroom - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

The first day will be spent in a classroom setting at BSF.  During morning hours, there will be lectures on the above content. Afternoon hours will include light physical activities, such as krav maga and dry practice.

 What You Will Need on Day One

  • Semiautomatic pistol (9mm recommended), iron sights, with 3 magazines, unloaded.  Do not bring live ammo into the classroom!
  • Magazine pouch that holds at least two magazines
  • Outside the waistband holster suitable for drawing
  • Ability to load & unload, disassemble & reassemble, your pistol without assistance.  You should practice this before you arrive.
  • Comfortable clothing and proper shoes for light exercise
  • Note-taking necessities

Day Two Classroom -  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - Bradford Sportsmen's Farm

The structure of the second day will be similar to day one. During morning hours, there will be lectures on the above content. Afternoon hours will include light physical activities, such as krav maga and dry practice. Some quick burst movement is required on Day Two. 

What You Will Need on Day Two

  • Everything from Day One

Day Three Outdoor Range - Bradford Sportsmen's Farm - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Day Three will be spent entirely at the outdoor ranges at BSF.  You should expect a cool day, so dress appropriately, wear a shooter's cap, eye/ear protection, and bring sufficient sunscreen. 

Our range is totally private. We will provide plenty of hydration, ample time for reloading, rest & recovery, plus opportunities to observe other shooters. Two Range Safety Officers will be on duty at all times. Everyone must obey range commands! 

You will continue to develop the skills learned from the past two days, but working at a much faster pace. You will be introduced to more advanced and complex active shooter scenarios that require even greater concentration and effort on your part. The purpose of these drills is to challenge you to improve your shooting and become the best shooter that you can be while under moderate stress. You may be joined by previous seminar graduates who have elected to take part in this advanced training.

During live fire training, students shoot using the Israeli shooting technique and perform tactical exercises that security officers in Israel must perform in order to qualify. The final test will be a surprise tactical active shooter exercise. An IMI Academy graduation certificate awaits those who complete the seminar.

What You Will Need on Day Three

  • Everything from Days One and Two
  • 150 rounds of 9mm FMJ ammunition
  • Eye & ear protection; shooter's (baseball) cap

Breakfast Snack & Lunch are Included!

During Day One and Two we will provide complimentary breakfast snacks and light lunch, including coffee, water, and other beverages.  There will be several short breaks with snacks and beverages provided. Dinner is on your own and because of the rural location, you should expect to drive between 8 to 15 miles to find restaurants in nearby Starke or Gainesville.

On Day Three, there will be complinentary breakfast snack and light lunch at the range.  Bottled water and fruit will be offered during breaks.

Tutition, Refund and Cancellation Policy

Regular tuition is $595.  Breakfast snack & Lunch are included all three days (bring other food items if you wish).  The first 10 registrants will receive a Lifetime Commander Membership at Front Sight, the ingredients of a great deal!  Register no later than November 1, 2018 and receive the Early Bird Discount of $100, dropping your tuition to $495, truly a deal not to be missed!

Because of the small class size, we must enforce a strict cancellation policy. We hope you understand the reasons for this. If you must cancel, please do so before November 10, 2018 in order to receive a refund, less a $15.00 processing fee. If you cancel on or after November 10, 2018, you have the option of either applying your tuition to a future seminar or securing a replacement. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the event organizer, Mike Price at (352) 283-8340.

The organizers may, for any reason, elect to cancel the seminar. If this happens, paid students will receive a full refund. The organizers will not be held responsible for anything other than this.

Lodging & Transport

Students are responsible for arranging their own lodging and transport. You will need ground transportation since the nearest motel is the Best Western Motel in Starke, Florida, about 8 miles away.  Call for reservations at 904.964.6744.  BSF also has RV facilites, so please check their website for details.  If you are flying, consider using either Gainesville Regional (GNV) for Delta/American or Jacksonville International (JAX) airport for most major carriers.


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