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Information and Tools
Organizations with 50 or fewer Jobs

With a purchase of this product, you will be contacted by a member of our consulting team to discuss your specific needs and requirements to get your organization compliant with these upcoming regulations. 

Includes the following:

  • Oregon Pay Equity "How to" Manual  -  This manual covers an overview of the history, what has changed in Oregon, what needs to be accomplished, and considerations each organization should make.  The manual also includes forms that may be helpful in collecting job information and language for pay administration policies. 

  • Pay Equity Characteristic Definitions and Example Factors -  The revised law requires each organization to compare all jobs against 5 characteristics: knowledge, skill, effort, responsibility, and working conditions.  The law defines working conditions and provides each organization the flexibility to define the remaining characteristics.  From our knowledge base and experience from working with so many clients, we offer these definitions for the characteristics that your organization can use “as-is” or as a starting point for you own work on compliance.    
  • Job Characteristic Profile System -  This system allows an organization to measure each job in the organization against the five comparable characteristics required by the law.  This is an Excel workbook with predefined characteristics and standards of measurement.  The organization can use “as-is” or can edit to meet the organization’s specific needs.  Drop-down menus and color coding have been used to make data entry easy.   A report of groupings of jobs with comparable characteristic is accomplished automatically when the data entry is complete.  (Note: there are two different version of our profile system.  One for organization’s with less than 15 jobs and one for organization with less than 50 jobs.)  

  • Pay Equity Analysis Tool -  Once an organization has completed the task of grouping jobs with comparable characteristics together, the analysis of total compensation equity can be accomplished. The excel spreadsheet is a map to the data that needs to be collected and evaluated for compliance.

Total cost:  $2,000.00