Candice Childs  (registration) or                                Patti Deal (instructor 425-330-6693)
Family Academy
206-963-3928  or


Monday eves Oct 1-29          6:00 mm - 9:30 pm






Able to Teach Live Class

This page is just for online registration for a live "Able to Teach" class being taught in Marysville, WA over 5 Monday eves Oct 1-Oct 29. Sat.  For more information and for the course syllabus, follow the link here:  Able to Teach

This course is chocked full of information, so we often warn people that it will be like drinking from a fire hose.  You will learn much about what makes for excellent education and effective methods of instruction, with many helpful resources listed. 

Speaking of resources, FREE shipping is available when you order with your Able to Teach registration (follow this link for details on each):



Once you register, we will mail you the course text within 5-7 business days.  Anyone registering after Sept 21 will get their text at the first class session.