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Seminars about nearsightedness in children - an epidemic that can be stopped! 

Michel Gambino, O.D., a nationally respected expert in Myopia control, is creating awareness of this growing epidemic and the fact that there is an alternative to correct and stop the progression of nearsightedness. Attend a Seminar to Receive a FREE VST Screening! ($119 Value)

Will you give up one hour of your time to protect your children's eyes?

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Vision Shaping Treatment FREE Seminars - This completely safe yet surprisingly little known process of Orthokeratology allows patients to see clearly without the daily use of glasses or contacts and more importantly, it stops the progression of Myopia in children. View August 14, 2018 Press Release...

Recent Discovery Leads to Stopping the Progression of Myopia (nearsightedness) in Children 

What's happening to our children's eyes?

Dr. Mike Gambino

Dr. Gambino is passionate about this serious epidemic occurring right now in children here in the United States, and that is, the increasing number of children becoming nearsighted (Myopic). Currently, 20% of American children, teens and preteens, are nearsighted. It is predicted by 2050, 50% of our children will become nearsighted. In China, that number has already reached 50%.

Recent research in myopic development and control, indicates that correcting myopia in children actually makes it worse. That is, correcting a child's vision with glasses or contacts causes the myopia to more 

How we can stop the growing epidemic of nearsightedness   About Vision Shaping Treatment by Dr. Gambino   How Vision Shaping Treatment works

More about Nearsightedness as an epidemic...

The Myopia Boom by NATURE International Journal of Science 

In severe cases, the deformation stretches and thins the inner parts of the eye, which increases the risk of retinal detachment, cataracts, glaucoma and even blindness. Because the eye grows throughout childhood, myopia generally develops in school-age children and adolescents… This threat has prompted a rise in research to try to understand the causes of the disorder — and scientists are beginning to find answers.

The Nearsighted Epidemic: The Health Condition Growing Among Children article published on the popular VSP BLOG (nation’s largest eye care insurance company)

More Time Outdoors May Reduce Kids' Risk of Nearsightedness by the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Three recent advances in myopia control efforts represent the “future of myopia control, now”. Read A Message from Dr. Gambino and The Journal of the College of Optometrists editorial.