Thursday, November 8, 2018 from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM EST
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Pick up at St Paul's United Church 
Warkworth, ON, ON  



Becca Partington
The CAST Projects 

CHOPtalk Soupfest


Order dinner here! 


The CAST Projects and The Abundance Project Presents:

Our first annual CHOPtalk Soupfest!


When: Order now and on Nov 8th - pick up from 3:30-5:30

Where: St Paul's United - Side Door of the Gathering Place

What to do:

  1. Order online now for $25 and receive a container of freshly made soup and bread (approx. 2 servings - order add ons available)
  2. Pay online, or cash at pick up  - donation options are available too!
  3. Enjoy your fresh and delicious dinner, prepared by some CHOPtalk grads knowing you are supporting future programming.

Our CHOPTalk chefs will be happy to chat with you about the program!




Order dinner here!  

About CHOPtalk:

Do you ever wonder why some kids fall into a path of addiction and suffering or get in trouble with the law while other kids in similar environments thrive and grow? Research shows clearly that one major variable is social-emotional skills; particularly the ability to be aware of emotions, accept them and to some extent control them. This is referred to as self-regulation.

"If there is one thing we should be doing to help reduce the risk of developing addiction and mental health issues, it is to help children in primary and senior public schools learn emotional self regulation and distress tolerance."
Dr. Ronald Fraser, MD, CSPQ, FRCPC,
McGill & Dalhousie University

At The CAST Projects we have developed a program aimed to achieve just this. Along with The Abundance Project, we have developed an after school program with a healthy eating and cooking component as well as emotional skill awareness and adeptness sessions called CHOP-talk. We are pleased to use the family dinner model as a place to connect, share our food and discuss important topics from stress and anxiety to healthy communication and coping.

"I think everyone should do CHOPtalk. We may never
have to find x,y, and z but cooking and feelings are skills that everyone should have"


"We learned how to share our feelings and put the wordless into words"

"Before I went to CHOPtalk
I only knew how to cook noodles.
Now I know how to cook a
whole whack of healthy food!



About the CAST Projects:

Mission: To Reduce Suffering and Improve Quality of Life
Vision: A community with less suffering due to the increased awareness of the impact (emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological) of traumatic stress and improved access to trauma informed resources and services.

The CAST Projects has goals that are two fold, we aim to take on build projects to address system level change around trauma awareness and help embed these ideas by engaging organizations and individuals in a healthier way.

About The Abundance Project:

 The Abundance Project is a community based organization focused on promoting healthy eating, sustainable growing practices and food preparation skills. The Abundance Project strives to involve people of all ages and genders in the pleasures of good locally grown and prepared foods. Most events are held in the St. Paul’s United Church kitchen as it is the largest health inspected and approved facility in the community. All Abundance Project events are open to every member of the greater Warkworth community.

www.thecastprojects.ca                                         www.warkworthabundance.ca

We hope you can join us as we work to achieve our vision of reducing suffering and improving quality of life!


Tom Regehr - Executive Director   ed@thecastprojects.ca

Becca Partington - Director of Operations   becca@thecastprojects.ca

David Lyon - Abundance Project Lead   warkworthabundanceproject@gmail.com


Questions and Details:     becca@cast-canada.ca      705-749-6145

charity #87483 9806 RR0001