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Exquisite Self-Care through the holidays and into 2019!

TOPIC - Everyday Ease in  Sleeping

DATE - December 15


Soma Yoga - 1423 NW 70th St - Ballard 
1423 NW 70th St
Seattle, WA 98117


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PRIVATE / Hands-on Session

If you have never had a hands on Feldenkrais®  privates session with me and are curious about how I could help you to embody more comfort, power,  balance, ease in your activities or reduce strain, pain and stress. please call with questions or schedule an hour session with me here   

LeeAnn's Feldenkrais Schedule

LeeAnn is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm  LeeAnn has helped others actualize sustainable improvements using the Feldenkrais Method® since 1999. She loves applying her well-honed observation, intuition and problem-solving skills to the challenges posed by her clients. She creatively constructs ways for clients to discover or recover, how to move efficiently and comfortably through life with a "less pain, more gain" philosophy.

Her clients also benefit from LeeAnn’s Master NeuroLinguistic Programming skills and metaphysical practices. She’s grateful for the opportunity to support students in taking their next steps towards moving with ease in the direction of their dreams.

Since 2000, LeeAnn has volunteered on the faculty of the Lifetime Learning Center. She’s taught movement to theater students at Cornish School of the Performing Arts and mentored practitioners in teaching classes to seniors and seated ATMs. She sees clients privately and teaches classes online and in north Seattle. Her popular workshops include Balance in Action and her Everyday Ease series, which focuses on walking, sleeping, sitting, computing and transitioning. Her current offerings can be found on NextStepConsultinginc.com.

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LeeAnn Starovasnik 
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Come home to walk and rest in your skin and bones!

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Gift Yourself! 

1) Breathe easily through the month by doing a short audio lesson I recorded for you. It's the first of my ABCs of Everyday Ease series to be released soon. "D is for Diaphragm" can be done seated or lying down. Hint: If you want to take a short or long winters nap, lie down. Do not do while driving! Just Email me, and I'll send you the free MP3 file.

2) Register at the early-bird rate for the Sounder Sleep workshop next Sat. Dec. 15, 2 - 5pm. If you are stressed during the day, struggle to fall asleep or back to sleep after waking, you will learn several tools that you can use to calm your nervous system, go back to sound sleep along with getting a deep rest during the workshop. Bring me your tired friends and family, your pillows and blankies, and don't worry if you snore!

3) Give a Gift Certificate to yourself or others: December Self- Care Special package of 3 one-hour hands on sessions can be purchased and save $40/session!

4) New Years Exquisite Self-care package for deepening your practice. LeeAnn and Chris are offering this combined special:
  • Enjoy a discounted rate for 3 private sessions (with Chris or LeeAnn)
  • Attend any 3 of the next 4 workshops with LeeAnn
  • And get all of the classes you want for 12 weeks for free with LeeAnn and Chris
    (ongoing class schedules below 3 x week =$960 savings)
Many come to Feldenkrais practitioners when they are in pain with movement or lack of movement in their joints, backs, necks or arms, etc. Our job is to create a learning environment in which you can discover more about what causes unnecessary effort or discomfort and what gives relief, ease and supports sustainable, more graceful movements. I create customized short movement lessons for clients to practice and deepen the relief and learning. Our intention is to help you take your next steps towards your dreams.

Can you imagine how you could feel by March or April if you invested in yourself this way? We are excited to support you embodying more good and joy in the new year. Click below to purchase.

LeeAnn's Interview by NW Feldenkrais Regional Rep

LeeAnn Starovasnik, GCFP, graduated from Jerry Karzen’s Maui training in 2002. As with many Feldenkrais® Practitioners, her career path had many twists and turns. She graduated in 1984 from Eastern Washington University in Business Management and Management Systems. She worked in business as an Executive Vice President for Information Technology and also was a Six Sigma Quality Awareness Trainer/Master Black Belt in the General Electric Corporation.
      She first discovered the Feldenkrais Method® when, in 1998, a friend recommended that she see a visiting Canadian acupuncture and massage therapist, Arnie Lade. He happened to be in training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. He recommended that if she wanted her chest pain to not return, that she learn to move “differently.” She followed his advice, and sought out Jeff Haller. She had her first Functional Integration® lesson with Mary Haller since Jeff was teaching overseas, and then continued sessions with Jeff.
      She loved the sessions! During one of the sessions, Jeff suggested that she become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. Although it felt like a calling, she said she didn’t know if she had what it took. Jeff’s response: “You have a nervous system don’t you? That’s all you need!”
      After that conversation, LeeAnn travelled to the UK and Europe. Every place she went, she asked if they knew about the Feldenkrais Method. No one on her path knew what Feldenkrais was! When she returned, she started taking ATM® classes with Mary Haller and visited Jeff’s Seattle training and continued FI’s® with Feldenkrais Practitioners Annie Thoe and Becci Parsons.
      Finally, in the spring of 1999, perfectly timed with an unexpected lay off, LeeAnn entered Jerry Karzen’s training, attending 2 months every spring for the next four years. She took the training with the intention of starting her own business and incorporated Next Step Consulting in the Fall of 1999. LeeAnn sometimes says that her business grew ‘‘in spite of herself”, all the while caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s.
      As soon as she was authorized to teach ATM in 2000, one of her mentors, Becci Parsons, GCFP, suggested she start teaching Mercedes Sherada’s class at the Lifetime Learning Center in Seattle. The first quarter she taught “floor” ATMs. However, in the second quarter, a woman came in using a walker. She asked if she could sit through the lesson and they both noticed she benefited. Afterwards she was insistent that LeeAnn teach her!
      It was obvious to LeeAnn that she needed to allow for people to be in chairs during ATMs. Her first regular weekly “seated” class was at the Greenwood Senior Center. It was then that she began converting floor lessons to chairs. She has taught students in both orientations ever since.  For almost 20 years, LeeAnn has mentored dozens of Feldenkrais trainees on starting their practices and specifically how to teach classes to those in chairs.

Awareness Through Movement Weekly Classes  with LeeAnn and Chris

Mon 10:30 - 11:30am Soma Yoga - 1423 70th Ave NW - Ballard (Chris)

Tues 11am - 12 - Lifetime Learning Center, begins in Jan 2019, register at LifetimeLearningCenter.org (LeeAnn)

Wed 10-11am - Suenos de Salsa, 12545 Lake City Way NE (LeeAnn)

        No experience necessary, drop-ins welcome!

        Bring your own mat - parking lot behind the building, access from 125th Street 

Sat ATM Classes

   9:15-10:15am - Soma Yoga - 1423 NW 70th Ave NW (Ballard) (Chris)

- 9:30 and 10:45am with LeeAnn in Lake City. Register to get one of the limited spots by scheduling here - LeeAnn's Feldenkrais Schedule 

 Lake City Professional Center 2611 NE 125th St, #123  

Private Hands-on sessions with LeeAnn Starovasnik, GCFP or Chris Robert's, GCFP

Call to learn more about the Feldenkrais Method®  of Somatic Education and how private session, classes and workshops can support you in taking your Next Steps towards living with more awareness. Together we can best determine how what I do can help you meet your goals and plan accordingly.

206-372-8822, LeeAnn@NextStepConsultingInc.com

206-781-7881 Chris, Lfc@drizzle.com

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