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Intake Discussions
(15 minutes each)
October 1, 2018
4:45-6:15 p.m.

Eight Training Sessions, Mondays
Time: 4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

October 22, 2018 
Assessment and goal setting

October 29, 2018 
Initiating and maintaining conversations

November 5, 2018
Problem solving / Advocacy

November 12, 2018
Co-workers and personal relationships

November 19, 2018
Communication verbal and nonverbal / Active listening

November 26, 2018
Conflict resolution

December 3, 2018
Social expectations at work

December 10, 2018
Assessment and goals

Autism Society SE WI
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Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin 

If you are unsure if your membership is current, please email us at or call directly at 414-988-1265. 

 Please allow up to three business days for a response.

Additional Resources
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Why do we use the Expected-Unexpected Social Thinking Vocabulary?
-Michelle Garcia Winner

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Special Session 2018 Experience 
Bridge To Employment 21+ group
bridge to the job concept . 3d rendered illustration

Make plans to join us for a new workshop! The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin in Collaboration with Creative Employment Opportunities (CEO) presents Bridge to Employment coming this Fall! 

These special sessions are for individuals, ages 21+ who may be in an variety of experiences right now. Are you currently working, job shadowing, in college, figuring out next steps, stuck where you are at? If so, this workshop is for you.

Are you able to grasp the technical aspects of your job.. and do them well, but do the unwritten rules about things like social interactions and ques, advocating for yourself, interacting with co-workers and/or customers including small talk and so much more keep getting in your way?

Don't let these things hold you back from reaching your full potential.
We want to empower you and help you become even more successful on your
path to independance. These sessions are designed to bridge the gap 
and provide instruction and application of skills for attendees, in order to thrive in obtaining or maintaining employment. Many young people and adults on the spectrum excel in certain areas of academics but just as important are the soft-skills that are needed to be a success in the workplace.

These weekly sessions are an avenue to learn concrete skills and tips on “how” to use communication and conversational skills to understand and demonstrate what is socially expected to navigate the world of work. Through determination and utilizing attendee's strengths of tenacity and resilience, the bridge to success is close!  

Sessions Topics Include:
Session 1:  Assessment and goal setting
Session 2:  Initiating and maintaining conversations
Session 3:  Problem solving / Advocacy
Session 4:  Co-workers and personal relationships
Session 5:  Communication verbal and nonverbal / Active listening
Session 6:  Conflict resolution
Session 7:  Social expectations at work
Session 8:  Assessment and goals

*Topics may vary including the order to be responsive to the groups’ needs

Communication:  Open communication provided to family members and service providers.  Individualized report on growth with skills provided. 

Check with your DVR and or IRIS Counselor/Consultant to see if these workshops can be written in your plan and become a covered expense.

These sessions are facilitated by two experts in the field of transitioning from high school to the world of work. They bring a balanced approach to providing the direction needed to help participants find the best path that naturally utilizes what each person is good at.


Mary Ann has worked for over 30 years with youth and young adults with disabilities. She was a special education teacher for 15 years and a Director of Student Services for 14 years.  After leaving the K-12 school system, Mary Ann transitioned to adult services.  She has recently developed and implemented a problem solving model for college age youth and beyond in the Autism Spectrum.  Mary Ann has a Masters and Doctorate focusing in the transition of young adults from the K-12 system to life!

Mary Ann Beckman


Jill has been a Speech/Language Therapist at Arrowhead High School for more than 25 years. She specializes in transition and has worked in programs at Arrowhead assisting students to make that transition to College or to work in the community.  
Jill has a Masters Degree in Communicative Disorders.

Jill Bohrman

Cost for this eight session program is $300.00 for Autism Society SE WI members and $350.00 non-members.

Waiver/CCOP/IRIS/DVR may support this program. Check with your case manager to find out.
Questions? Contact Julie Quigley at the Autism Society at 414-988-1263 or via email at

Note: If payment is not received one week before the event date your spot opens up. 

We will send you a reminder each week of the event.

Bridge Gap Between Academia and Industry Puzzle 3d Illustration