Sunrise Center 


Saturday, October 20, 2018
2:30  to 5:30 PM PT

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Sunrise Center 
645 Tamalpais Drive
Suite A
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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There's No Lid On the Box
with Prana Sati

We will explore the ultimate questions that all human beings must eventually ask themselves: What is your life’s purpose? Why are you on this particular planet at this particular time in history? Why are you living your life the way you are living it? Is there some deeper meaning to your existence? Did you agree to be here, and if so, what other agreements do you have while you are here? Is who you are limited to just your five senses?

In this three-hour slideshow-assisted workshop, Prana will systematically explain why we must all eventually ask ourselves these questions. He will also shed light upon what was revealed to him during multiple Near Death Experiences and demonstrate how, throughout all of recorded history, the Universe has been helping us to fully awaken from spiritual amnesia. Through this exploration you will come to understand that the awakening process can begin to accelerate within you right here, right now, if you choose to focus on it.

He will also be playing Native American flutes and Didgeridoo in 432 Hz (a frequency which aligns perfectly with the “flower of life”) to help set the mood.

Please visit Prana's website and go to the Media page. There, you can listen to two radio interviews he has given and read two articles he has written. It will help you as an attendee to go much deeper during the workshop by having prepped yourself with the material.

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Prana Miller

Prana Sati has had four Near-Death Experiences, the first one at age seventeen. He subsequently spent the next four decades studying metaphysics in an attempt to help other people understand the realizations he came to during his journeys beyond the veil.

Prana founded and became the executive director of One World, One People, a Californian non-profit corporation. One World, One People sponsored Prana on his around-the-world bicycle ride for peace, a solo, self-contained, 30,000 mile journey. To date he has pedaled over 60,000 miles, as well as thousands of miles of hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing. An extensive world traveler, in the past two decades Prana has visited dozens of countries on five continents.

For many years Prana lived mostly alone as an ascetic yogi in wilderness areas close to hot springs. There he delved profoundly into the practice of Experiential Metaphysics, including long fasting, sensory deprivation, spending thousands of hours alternating between hot and cold water, stretching, breath-work, toning, mantra, and practicing Proprioceptive Meditation.


Register Now!$30 paid in advance; $35 paid at the door

Drop-in okay; however, your pre-registration is appreciated and helps us to better plan. Thanks.


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