Thursday, October 11, 2018 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM CDT
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IDA-UMB Education Committee 
International Dyslexia Association, Upper Midwest Branch 

Webinar: Executive Function and Dyslexia Part II: Math and Spelling

Executive Function and Dyslexia Part II: Math and Spelling

Presented by: Jennifer Petrich, PhD

Executive functions (EF) are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for organization of information and regulation of behavior. EF impairment often exacerbates learning difficulties as well as obstructs attempts at remediation. It is therefore important to know the hallmarks and warning signs of EF impairment as well as how this type of deficit interacts with dyslexia and interventions for math and spelling. This presentation will review the neurobiology of impaired EF and how impaired EF manifests in dyslexic students, and discuss how to address these deficits when working to remediate math and spelling in a dyslexic student. Strategies for employing sign language and the process of structured word inquiry will be discussed as well.

  1. Attendees will understand the basics of the neurobiology of impaired EF
  2. Attendees will learn the hallmarks and warning signs of EF impairment in dyslexic students
  3. Attendees will learn strategies for addressing EF deficits to use when remediating math and spelling

About the Speaker:  

Dr. Jennifer Petrich offers differentiated remediation of literacy skills for students with dyslexia, specializing in those with common co-morbid disorders including attention issues, sensory-seeking behaviors, phonological working memory issues, and deficits in executive functioning. Dr. Petrich also offers training in a structured literacy approach that benefits both dyslexic students as well as typically-developing readers. She is highly trained in both the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Structured Word Inquiry approach, and currently specializes in working with students who have severe phonological working memory deficits, ADHD, and executive functioning deficits. Dr. Petrich attended graduate school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she earned a PhD in Neuroscience.

This webinar will be recorded and available to view on IDA-UMB's website after the event. If you register, you will be notified when the recording is available.