Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM MDT
Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 5:00 PM MDT

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Mt. Shasta, CA 
Mt. Shasta, CA  



Francie Esterbrook 
Amber Wolf, PhD, LLC 

Cancellation policy: Refunds for cancellations 90 days prior to event will be at 75%, to include fees. With 60 days at 50%, and no refunds available within 30 days of the event. 


Lemurian Women! Return to Mt. Shasta!

Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf, the “Last Lemurian Priestess,” offers a workshop for the Goddesses of Lemuria at the Portal of Mt. Shasta. Enter into the Pleiadian consciousness of this energetic Node, guided by Mele’ha and the Star Mothers. We will have daily sojourns to the Mountain to feast in the healing and reConnection of your Soul’s ancient knowledge – hikes, gentle walks and swimming in the sunny waters will bathe your Spirit.

The energy of the Mountain can be a mirror for healing the past, creating the present and looking into the future. Let the Star Mothers and Mele’ha be your guide! 

In a community of awakened women, we facilitate the reAwakening of your Pleiadian Akash and DNA. Here, at center of the magical Grand Trine* Pleiadian ley lines (Mt. Shasta) where the Ancient energies of your Soul can merge. “The women were the Shaman” (Kryon speaking of Lemuria) – come to discover your lineage, and your place in the Lemurian Sisterhood Teaching Wheel.

 *Since 2013, Amber Mele’ha has been connecting the grid Star Mother energy from the Nodes (as given by Kryon) of Mt. Shasta, on the Big Island of Hawaii and in Glastonbury, UK.

**This event is for women only.

What our event will include: 

Mt. Shasta June 27-30, 2019 Lemurian Goddess Retreat
A four-day immersion into the energy of Mt. Shasta, the Telos Portal and the many wonders of Mt. Shasta. 
Price $444 includes lunch daily that we will create each day together at our meeting place where we will open our Circles each morning.
We will have daily Sacred Circles with Star Mother channels. Some channels will be on the Mountain and others at the sacred sites.
We will visit the headwaters of the Sacramento River, where the magical waters of Mt. Shasta emerge, for a blessing of the water element and the richly sacred waters of the Mountain. We will head to Crystal Lake in the afternoon for swimming (or simply immersion).
One day we will have a 'guest guide' on the Mountain, Andrew Oser, who has been guiding at Mt. Shasta for 28 years. He will give us his own loving and unique interpretation of the energy of the Mountain and the places we visit that day. I have partnered several times with Andrew on Mountain retreats, and he has been called "the Master of the Mountain" by Kryon.
We are blessed to visit the home of Prageet Harris and the Stargate in Mt. Shasta for an evening in the energetic portal of the Stargate! 
Journeys into Gaia daily with walking and light hiking and swimming. We will spend much of our time outdoors each day, so be prepared please.
There will be opportunities each day for self-reflection and journaling, ceremonies and celebration! 
Except for the Stargate meeting, your evenings will be free. These are good times to reconnect with Goddesses from other lives for dinner, and we can plan to adjourn early one day for shopping in town.
We will car-pool from our morning meeting to our sites as to have the least amount of impact on the Mountain sites.
Our schedule will be flexible each day, weather, time and tourist depending (weekend can be crowded at certain sites). I
In the light of our Beloved Star Mothers, Amber Mele'ha