Custom, stylish, and reasonably priced, collection of ClubWear apparel and personalized ski and boot bags are available for members and chaperones.  
Please Click Here to review and order.
will be able for purchase via this link or on our website between Nov. 1-18th. Items are to be picked up during our 
December 5th Season Kick Off Membership Meeting @ FLHS 6:30pm.. 
Prospective members should have basic familiarity with the sport and know how to independently carry, put on and use all equipment. They should learn, or know, how to read a mountain map.   Please use time between now and our first trip to Prepare!

Mark your calendar for all Member Families, and Chaperones, to attend the FLSC Season Kick-Off Meeting Wednesday, December 5th from 6:30 -8p in the FLHS Commons & Theater.

Have some ski / boarding / winter apparel that is too small or gently used?  Bring to our FLSC Swap on 12/5 at 6:30pm FLHS Commons.  Bring something to share & hopefully find some snowpants, a jacket or other to take home.  Any remaining items will be donated to charity. 

Once registered & equipment info is emailed, watch the website & your email for updates.  No need to reach out for additional verifications of receipt. 

Please refer to website for detailed Club information and 2019 Rules/Procedures Brochure.  www.FoxLaneSkiClub.com


If you have further questions, please contact:  info@foxlaneskiclub.com 

President: Christina Dochtermann 914/419.0499   Christina@FoxLaneSkiClub.com

The FLSC was founded in 1963 and is one of the longest running in all of North America!  This is thanks to years of dedicated volunteer leadership.

Membership in the Fox Lane Ski Club is open to students in the 6th through 12th grades living within the Bedford Central School District.

Registration opens Wednesday, November 1st. Enrollment is Limited and will be accepted with complete registrations on First-to-Reserve basis.  Registration will CLOSE when FULL or by Nov. 11, 2018.  (which ever comes first - watch the website for updates)

Please Note:  Equipment Must be Rented or Checked PRIOR to Registration & Certification emailed to: EquipWaiver@FoxLaneSkiClub.com.

Only Complete Registrations Will Be Accepted.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING Completing Registration Acknowledges that you have Read and Agree with All.

I, the undersigned, hereby represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of above named child (“Child”). I hereby authorize and give permission for Child to participate on any ski trip organized by the Fox Lane Ski Club, Inc. during the 2019 ski season. In consideration of the services provided by the not-for-profit Fox Lane Ski Club, Inc. and its volunteer officers, directors, and chaperones, I hereby agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify the Fox Lane Ski Club, Inc. and its officers, directors and chaperones (collectively, the “Club”) from and against any claims made by me (or any other member of my family), or my Child, or by any third person, for injury to person or damage to or loss of property occurring in connection with my child participating in any activity of the Club.

I am aware that snow skiing, boarding and related activities involve many natural and man-made RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS, including but not limited to changing weather, snow and light conditions; variations in terrain; moguls, forest growth, rocks and debris, lift towers; incidents relating to chairlift loading, riding and unloading; man-made terrain features, including but not limited to rails, boxes, dips, rolls, jumps, banked turns and spines; exceeding my child’s skiing ability; equipment failures, collisions, and negligence of others. I also understand that my Child may encounter such risks at any time or place; and that SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH MAY RESULT. I have made a voluntary choice to permit my Child to participate in ski trips organized by the Club. I acknowledge that the fact that the Club from time to time makes available skill/ability tests to my Child does not in any way change the risks, dangers and hazards of skiing/boarding and lift riding. I further acknowledge that any such ability test is only a general assessment of a member’s skiing/boarding ability and is no way meant to suggest that a particular skier/boarder is capable of safely skiing/boarding any or all expert trails. The decision as to whether the status of a skier/boarder who passes the ability test should be changed to “Unrestricted” will be the sole discretion of the member’s parent or guardian.

I understand that in addition to the risks associated with skiing, my Child may encounter many RISKS, DANGERS AND HAZARDS, including but not limited to tripping, falling, colliding with objects or other people, choking, and the deliberate or negligent acts of others, associated with his or her activities or the actions of others during any given ski trip while in transit to or from the ski area or during the course of the day at the applicable ski area.

For myself and on behalf of my Child, I ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY OR DEATH which may be associated with and/or result from my Child’s participating in trips organized by the Club, and I hereby release the Club, its representatives, officers, directors, and chaperones of and from any liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, illness or harm of any kind and nature to my Child or to any other person arising out of or related to my Child’s participation in the Club.

I further authorize the Club to arrange for medical care for my Child by a licensed physician, emergency medical technician, paramedic, ski area medical personnel or hospital staff (whether or not such individual(s) are associated with the Club) to arrange for the medical care of my Child or, if necessary, for the transport of my Child to a hospital or health clinic. I agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation for my Child and INDEMNIFY and hold the Club HARMLESS from any costs incurred therein.

I have carefully read and I understand this agreement and all of its terms. I understand that this is a RELEASE OF LIABILITY which will legally PREVENT me or any other person from recovering in any lawsuit or in connection with any other legal claim for damages in the event of my Child’s death or any injury to my Child. I nevertheless enter into this agreement freely and voluntarily and agree that is binding upon me and my heirs, assigns and legal representatives. I intend that this release be valid and binding for the entire 2019 ski season.