Friday, December 14, 2018 from 9:20 PM to 10:00 PM MST
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Winterhaven - paid parking at Piezano.s Pizza 
2833 E. Fort Lowell
Just east of the main entrance to the Winterhaven
Festival of Lights at Fort Lowell & Christmas Ave
Tucson, AZ 85716

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Barbara Hulvey 
Limoport Transportation 

Winterhaven Festival of Lights with TT Tours Wagon - 9:20 pm 12/14/2018 Friday 


Our Trolley Wagon is professionally made with 5 fiberglass benches seating 5 each with a low floor for easier on and easier off. Seat 25 is reserved for staff member. IF IT RAINS YOU WILL GET SOAKED !!! Trolley WAGON is pulled behind our Trolley Limousine and departs ON TIME every 40 minutes from 6:00 PM until 9:20 PM. (see below)


1) It is our desire to honor any Winterhaven residents, seniors over 65, military, and all 1st responders by giving you discounts for your Trolley WAGON seats. Call 520-529-7400. Do not place these types of reservations on line. 2) Place your reservation on line (rates below) and save $3 per seat.  www.TrolleyTucson.com, click on trips and tours then Winterhaven Wagon. 3) Place your reservation by phone (rates below) 520-529-7400 with a $3 service fee included.

ON LINE SINGLE SEAT WAGON PURCHASE RATES - 6pm $19, 6:40pm $17, 7:20pm $15, 8:00pm $13, 8:40pm $11, 9:20pm $9.

PHONE SINGLE SEAT PURCHASE includes a $3 service fee per guest. Purchase by calling 520-529-7400. Rates - 6pm $22, 6:40pm $20, 7:20pm $18, 8:00pm $16, 8:40pm $14, 9:20pm $12.

GROUPS WITH UP TO 24 WAGON GUESTS – Rates - 6pm $450, 6:40pm $400, 7:20pm $350, 8:00pm $300, 8:40pm $250, 9:20pm $200. Call 520-529-7400 to place reservation.

LARGE GROUPS WITH UP TO 60 GUEST - This option includes Limousine Trolley for 28 guest, Standing Patio Limousine Trolley for 8 guest, and our Trolley Wagon for 24 guest. Maximum of 60 guest. Call 520-529-7400. 

Purchasing a ride with Trolley Tucson is at your own risk and you assume all liabilities incidental to the events before, during and after the ride. Specifically, you hereby RELEASE/WAIVE Trolley Tucson and ALL affiliates of medical, legal, financial and personal injury/property loss/damage liabilities!  All items left on Trolley after ride are to be trashed by Trolley Tucson.


Register Now!
Rides happen in cold & rain. No credit or refunds for anyone who is late and misses their tour. Recommend you bring a coat and blanket for you and / or your group.
Thank you for joining the Trolley Tucson family by participating in our tour. Rent our Trolley Limousine and/or wagon for all of your special events.
Give us a call, 520-529-7400.
Thank You!
Barbara Hulvey
Limoport Transportation