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Michael Carter 
Intercultural Competence Edge Inc. 

What is Cultural Competence?

Cultural Competence is a more comprehensive, effective, and sophisticated approach to remedying cross-cultural differences. It goes beyond simple demographic differences (such as race or gender) and takes into account cultural norms and traditions, communication styles, belief and value systems, and much more.

We describe it as a skill that individuals and organizations can learn which enables them to work effectively across cultures. This skill is a person’s ability to bridge cultural differences in order to build diverse, inclusive and equitable organizations.

Who is this class for?

 Any professional within a corporation, non-profit, government agency or educational institution that works in a multicultural environment. This class is for the beginner who wants to get on the path and for people who have already begun the journey and want more clarity on the subject.

Why should I take this class?

This class is meant to put you on the right path to higher levels of intercultural competence.  A proven skill that allows you to work more effectively in cross-cultural situations. The class is for individuals and organizations who want to transform their lives and work to be more inclusive.

What will I learn?

• The definition and benefits of intercultural competency

• Why so many professionals and organizations are seeking to improve this skill

• Why intercultural competence is the foundation of any diversity, equity and inclusion initiative

• How you can acquire and improve your intercultural competence

• And much more!

There is still room in the November 17th Class