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NADRA's Code and Education Fundraising Initiative 

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NADRA Members, consider this your call to code action! As your new Code Committee Chair, I am asking for your help on behalf of the entire organization so that we can become a stronger voice in shaping the deck codes we all must build to.

Over the last few code cycles, we have increased our influence in the code development arena by supporting other professionals to speak on our behalf..

For the most part, our members have benefited from these outside efforts, winning on many of the positions NADRA has advocated for. However, to fairly execute on our vision of becoming the most respected and relied upon voice for decking and railing code, we believe that the time has come to add a hired professional to our ranks.

After much consideration, we have selected Glenn Mathewson to be this key part of our team. As many of you are aware, Glenn has been with us from the beginning and worn too many hats to name, the highlight being the development of an ICCapproved deck code training program for our members. We believe that he brings what we need: the wisdom and historical perspective to see it from all sides, a passion for the industry and a work ethic that makes it worth the spend.

Glenn has outlined a plan for our success that includes attending the upcoming code hearings, submitting proposals on our behalf and being part of the technical dialogue between competing interests that always surround code development. What we need to do now is generate the income needed to support this plan. 

Mark Guthrie, 

NADRA Code Committee Chair


Nov 7th, 2018 Update: NADRA attends American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) Live and Dead Load Subcommittee meeting

“Another public comment was also presented, one that could have a major impact on decking.“

How to build guards has never been provided for in the code, and even the loads that guards must resist have been pretty fuzzy throughout code history.  Those target loads have come into some pretty serious question now that so much testing is being conducted to assure guard posts will meet a 500 lb or greater load. Read the full recap here.

Download the 4 page PDF document

Click the video link above to hear the code discussion from Mark Guthrie & Glenn Mathewson


Click the presentation above to learn more from Jim Mailey about NADRA's Education initiative