2019 Officer Membership Expires

31 December 2019

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National Guard Association of Florida 
St Augustine, FL 32085  



Mary Paul 


Annual Membership Notice

"The Voice of Freedom" 

The National Guard Association of Florida (NG-FL) is not a military organization, but an organization of military personnel.  It is a professional organization that fosters and supports the role of the National Guard in Florida and the National Guard Officers Association of the United States (NGAUS) and the Enlisted National Guard Association of the United States (EANGUS) in providing for and assuring the military security of our nation. 

  • Founded in 1903
  • Provides a strong, united voice to express the needs of guardsmen at the State and National level on legislative issues
  • Open to all Officers, Enlisted and Retirees of the Florida National Guard
  • Represents Air Force and Army National Guard Members

Membership Benefits

State                                                                                            National

  • Free Servicemens's Group Live Insurance                   Tricare Health Benefits
  • Free License Plate                                                         $400,000 Life Insurance Coverage
  • Reduce Cost Hunting & Fishing License                        Eligible for VA Home Loans & Benefits
  • Post Exchange & Commissary Provileges                     Free Space-A Air Travel
  • Property Tax Exemption                                                 20-Year Retirement & Medical Benefits
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Our Mission:  Our goal as an association is a strong, united voice directed at state and national levels to strengthen the National Guard through improved personnel benefits, better equipment, modren facilities and increased relevance.

We work for you and we are you - membership seeking a stronger voice through increased membership.

Every member counts - every voice is heard!

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