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20th September 2019 10:00AM to 4:30PM

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Enhancing Patient Retention and Increasing the Flow of Referrals

The challenge:

Generating a continuous flow of new patients is costly. Many clinics struggle with retention of patients and the number of patients who come for only one or two treatments is alarmingly high. Therapists often find it difficult to confidently recommend what is truly in the best interest of the patient which often results in the patient just ‘falling out of care’ rather than being formally discharged.

The solution:

Take a day out of your practice and work with Celia to learn simple, cost-effective and ethical ways to increase the flow of your desired referrals into your practice and improve the retention of your patients, ensuring that you are delivering the level of patient care you would like to be known for.

The result:

You’ll leave the workshop feeling confident about asking for referrals, being the expert in the room when communicating with patients resulting in more patients completing your recommendation of treatment and getting back to what they love doing.

What others have to say:

‘During the workshop I realised that I lack the confidence to tell patients they need to come back for the number of appointments they might need. I have learned to stop worrying about their finances and give a clearer plan to patients, managing their expectations and making them more confident in me as a therapist’

‘A simple and direct approach to better patient communication and care’

‘This workshop really motivated me to reach out to those patients I have lost touch with. It has really encouraged me to be more pro-active and caring for my patients’

“I recently attended a workshop on encouraging a returning and referral culture. The magic must be working already because my diary is the busiest it has been all year!”

Who is this particular course suitable for?

Practice owners, practice managers and associates

Why Painless Practice?

These courses are provided as part of our commercial strategic partnership with Physio First – working together to create a network of well-managed profitable clinics across the UK. All courses are open to any practitioners, not just physios and not just members of Physio First. In-fact others are very, very welcome.

Over the last 15 years Painless Practice have worked with thousands of practitioners and the entire team are passionate about helping practitioners enjoy their work and achieve their vision. They have worked with practices of various sizes, from sole practitioners to multi-national and international practices; practitioners at different stages in their journeys from start up to planning their exit strategy and every stage in-between and they support practitioners in all the non-clinical elements of running a successful practice.

Cancellation Policy

Due to venue cancellation policies, we are unable to offer refunds once you have booked onto a course. Click here for our full terms and conditions.