Saturday, August 31, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Peacemaker National Training Center 
1624 Brannons Ford Rd
Glegary, WV 25420

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Peacemaker National Training Center 

Intro To Long Range Rifle

Presented by Zeiss - Sat Aug 31, 2019 9AM-4PM  


Course Overview

This unique introduction to long range rifle school Presented by Zeiss, is one of the best value courses ever created at Peacemaker. In this course we'll begin in the classroom and move immediately to the range where you'll shoot out to 900+ yards. You'll learn the fundamental highlights of Long Range including Drop/Wind Compensation, External Ballistics and Long Range Marksmanship techniques.

You'll also be able to use the incredible Zeiss Spotting Scopes,Range Finders, and see the Zeiss product family of Optics. You'll also have the additional option below to shoot or test Zeiss Rifle Scopes During the class!

In this course we move deeper into what it takes to make “precision shots" at long range. We look at the entire rifle system, take a deeper look at ammunition quality, projectile data, data charts, optics and field shooting. On the range you’ll start at 600 yards and shoot in field positions out to 900+ yards engaging a variety of targets.

At the conclusion of this course you’ll have true understanding of what it takes to make the precision shot at longer ranges, and more importantly how to make these shots on demand.  Also, once you have this course down and behind you, you'll have a great foundation for learning and growing in long range shooting. 

Whether you’re a marine veteran, army ranger, a law enforcement rifleman, hunter or a beginner just learning the rifle, this is a great place to get a “world class” introductory long range teaching.

Prerequisite: By registering for this course student accepts all of the following; 

All students agree that all information taught will be used for lawful defensive or lawful recreational purposes only

Student accepts that upon enrolling, PNTC reserves the right to remove students without refund for unsafe, rude or unusual behavior or in the event that students are unable to reasonably carry out training and or live fire

Student confirms that they are not a convicted felon and are lawfully permitted to use and own legal firearms under the United States Constitution. y registering for this and or any PNTC event, training class, competition and or range time,

I fully understand the PNTC has a no refund policy and agree to these terms. I also understand that in the event of my removal from this course for ANY REASON, that NO REFUNDS are given.  I further agree that I will not attempt a chargeback through my credit card company or through PayPal or Stripe or by any other means. Moreover, PNTC may at its sole determination grant a partial or full credit for extreme hardship. 

Student must also accept that this course will cover basic rifle marksmanship skills

Cost  $200 Member & $225 Non-Member

Equipment and Ammo Requirements

Bolt Action or we built semi automatic rifle with optics capable of dialing. A minimum of 60 rounds of match grade factory or properly reloaded ammunition. Please have your rifle zero'd your rifle at 100 yards. 


1) Please also bring a bipod, rear bag, eye & hearing protection. 

2) If you have a spotting scope on a tripod please bring it with you.

Safety Language

  1. Please ensure that your firearm is UNLOADED and cased prior to arriving at PNTC. Please leave your training firearm cased and in your vehicle upon arrival. We will tell you when it’s time to get your firearm.
  2. Please do not bring a “concealed carry” firearm into the training room.  No ammunition or loaded firearms of any kind are permitted in the training room.

PNTC  Staff/Instructors reserve the right to the determination of the successful or unsuccessful completion of the course of the individual student based on, but not limited to, safety, attitude and/or overall skill development. PNTC also reserves the right to remove any student for any safety purposes, or highly unusual or disruptive behavior with or without refund based on PNTC's sole determination.