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Stream Mechanics 


Monday, September 9, 2019 at 8:00 AM MDT
Friday, September 13, 2019 at 5:00 PM MDT

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Hampton Inn & Suites Pinedale                                    55 Bloomfield Avenue                                        Pinedale, Wyoming 82941


Participants are responsible for their accommodations and meals. A room block is reserved at the Hampton Inn, including a complimentary breakfast served daily.  Rate is $129/night using the block name "SQT Field Camp."  Call (307)367-6700 to make a reservation.


Registration is $1,400 per person.  This includes course instruction and the WY SQT field manual.

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Stream Quantification Tool Field Camp 

Workshop Description

This course is for individuals who have taken the Stream Functions Pyramid Workshop and want further training on how to collect and enter field data into the Stream Quantification Tool (SQT). Three and a half out of five full days will be spent collecting field data using both the rapid and detailed methods. One and a half days (plus an evening) will be spent processing the field data, entering it into the SQT, and playing with functional lift and loss scenarios. There are no classroom lectures.

This is an intense course. It is designed for scientists and engineers who plan to use the SQT on future projects. Most days will be spent in the field regardless of weather conditions (unless the conditions are unsafe). One evening will be spent processing data. And the course doesn't end until 5:00p on Friday. This is a beautiful part of Wyoming, so stay the weekend and enjoy the scenery. If you've had the pyramid course and like adventure, this course is for you. Here is a general overview of the week.

Day 1 - Rapid Assessment of Impacted Stream Reaches

Day 2 - Detailed Assessment of a Reference Stream

Day 3 - Classroom Day: Process and enter data into SQT. Play with scenarios

Day 4 - Detailed Assessment of a Restored Site. Process data and enter into SQT.

Day 5 - Rapid Assessment of a Field Site. Process data and enter into SQT.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has taken the Stream Functions Pyramid Workshop and is generally familiar with the Stream Quantification Tool. If you want to take this course and have not taken the pyramid course, please contact Stream Mechanics at 919-747-9448 for further discussion.

Note, the WY SQT will be used in this workshop. The WY SQT and user manuals can be downloaded from