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Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM CET


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Pleasance Theatre 
Carpenters Mews,
North Road,
London N7 9EF

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karl jeffery 
Future Energy Publishing Ltd 

Business analysts and modellers - the new rock stars of software development?

Forum at The Pleasance Theatre, London, March 2019
Limited free tickets available

Business analysis and software modelling is becoming far more important in the world of software development – as software becomes more pervasive in our lives, and gets more complex, and communications / shared understanding about how software will work, and be developed, become more critical. And at the same time, the human work of coding will arguably become less important as more of it gets automated.

Our forum at the Pleasance Theatre, London, “Business analysts and modellers – the new rock stars of software development?” will look at how the work of the business analyst and modeller is becoming much more important, what this means for people with the requisite skills (perhaps software developers who want to do more than write code), what the work requires, and what it means in the broader world.

Software modelling happens at multiple levels – modelling how people actually work or use software and the situation awareness they need, modelling how software will support that use, modelling how the software will function, modelling how the software will be constructed, and modelling the organisational aspects of building the software. On one level these are all very different, but on another level they all draw on a similar skill set.

These are largely not technical skills, but the skill of gathering understanding about how something works and being able to communicate that understanding to others.  Whether the various modelling languages or software tools are used is a secondary issue.

Modelling skills includes the ability to ‘abstract’, or see something at different levels of detail, and the ability to ‘separate concerns’ – look at something specific without losing track of the whole. In the broader world, experts of all kinds have developed these skills, but they are not so widely seen in software development. And of course abilities to work with people, sometimes including negotiating complex organisational politics, is critical.

Software for Domain Experts, together with IT Search and Select, a UK recruitment consultancy specialising in business analysts, is planning a forum at The Pleasance Theatre, London, in early March on the topic “business analysts and modellers – the new rock stars of IT”.

 If you have interesting experiences or ideas on the subject you may be interested in presenting, please let us know.

 The event continues from a series of events run by Software for Domain Experts Ltd in Athens over the past 3 years – you can find out more here.

Karl Jeffery, editor
Software for Domain Experts, London

Allen Naik
IT Search and Select, London