Springfield, Illinois

Wednesday, February 6 - Thursday, February 7, 2019

+ a follow-up webinar on May 3, 2019

Dates & Time

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

9:30am - 4:30PM

Thursday, February 7, 2019

8:30am - 3:00pm

Follow-Up Webinar: 
May 3, 2019


IHSA Training Facility 

3435 Liberty Drive

Springfield, Illinois 62704

Registration Fees

Member Registration Fee: $290.00 per person

5 or more Registrations from the same Agency (must be IHSA members) — $265.00 per person 

Non-Member Registration Fee—$440.00 per person

Registration Fee includes two-day meeting & webinar.

Food provided in registration fee includes:

Wednesday:  lite continental breakfast & Lunch

Thursday -  lite continental breakfast & Lunch


If you need a sleeping room, IHSA recommends the following hotels that are close to the IHSA Training Facility:

Courtyard by Marriott / 3462 Freedom Drive / 217-793-5300

Fairfield Inn / 3446 Freedom Drive / 217-793-9277

Staybridge Suites / 4231 Schooner Dr / 217-793-6700

Hampton Inn and  Suites / 2300 Chuckwagon Dr. / 217-793-7670

Training Contact

Any questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Iocca at miocca@ilheadstart.org

Head Start and Early Head Start programs face increasingly difficult and perplexing challenges that cause burnout and fatigue for staff at all levels. As teachers, family support staff, and center staff struggle to support children with challenging behaviors, their own exhaustion, background, and experiences often stand at the intersection. Center administrators are hard pressed to fully support these staff as they work to meet the operational needs of their centers amidst high turnover and budget constraints. Combined, it is an ongoing recipe for stress and burnout!  

Research tells us that the kinds of support educators and support staff are encouraged to give traumatized children is the very support they themselves need from administrators and coaches. Creating a parallel process with teachers is key to changing the trend toward staff burnout and fatigue. The LUME Approach Essentials offers five key lenses that help early childhood professionals to create this parallel process, resulting in increased resilience for individuals and head start centers.

Five Essentials for Building Resilience and Overcoming Staff Fatigue

As we begin to understand the effects of trauma across the early learning community, we will explore and deepen our understanding of the five LUME Approach Essentials: your own emotional development, the emotional development of others, temperament, family history, and environment. We will learn about how to lead with emotional courage, raising the level of resilience in your early learning community. Through stories and a series of interactive learning processes, you will practice new skills and ways of supporting staff growth and resilience while maintaining emotional boundaries (and still get the paperwork done!) Time for reflection and planning throughout the sessions will allow you time to create a concrete action plan to use the new tools and paradigms we discuss.

Join us as we explore a better way of leading and supporting children, families, and community while building resilience for yourself and others. Through hands-on exercises, self- and group-reflection sessions, and dynamic discussions, participants will:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate a site-specific action plan with concrete next steps and new tools to 1) promote staff mental health and overall well-being and 2) better understand and support self and others (or participants may choose a different challenge for the action plan).
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the social and emotional groundwork needed to build an organizational culture that supports professional development and enhances organizational community.
  • Learn how to effectively support staff to build resilience on an individual and organizational level as a method of enhancing their organization’s service to and impact on children/families.

Reviewing the Results

This online group conversation in May allows participants to share about what they are learning with the group as they implement their action plan and work with the Five Essentials. We will share stories of success and brainstorm new strategies for the unmoving obstacles. Regardless, our stories will be rich learning opportunities for all. Often it is the toughest challenges that prove to be the greatest gifts.

About LUME Institute

At LUME Institute, we believe the power to change society lies in changing the way young children are taught. LUME Institute promotes innovative thinking and programs by translating research and experience into various program offerings. Each of our programs embed the LUME Approach, a transformative framework for providing high-quality early childhood care and education. The LUME Approach evolved from the philosophy and methodologies integrated within LUME’s model school, University City Children’s Center, and is rooted in a deep understanding that children’s emotional development is the foundation for lifelong health, growth, and learning.


Meet Your LUME Team!

Peaches Lott, LUME Early Childhood Specialist

plott@lumeinstitute.org  314.469.9805

Ovella Lott (Peaches), has almost 27 years experience working in early education, teen services and family support. She has also been taking college course work for just about as long to keep up to date with the changes in the early childhood field. She is married with five amazing children and seven grandchildren. Her journey has taken her throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and Illinois. Peaches believes that all children should be free to be children and have the opportunity to experience playfulness.


Laurie McKenney, LUME Early Childhood and Curriculum Specialist

lmckenney@lumeinstitute.org  314.469.9805 x138

Laurie has more than 20 years experience as a teacher and psycho-social educator. She has worked in many aspects of foster care: as a foster parent, family support worker and foster parent trainer. She has been a LUME facilitator since 2015 doing reflective supervision with teachers, helping them to deepen their practice through self-reflection. As a curriculum specialist, she works with the LUME community to define culture and establish practices that support the emotional development of children.


Roxeanna Steiner, LUME Early Childhood Specialist

rsteiner@lumeinstitute.org  314.469.9805 x143

Roxeanna specializes in the social and emotional well-being of children, child development and family well-being. She provides support to child care programs through professional development and coaching. Roxeanna has extensive experience in supporting families and sharing her knowledge through Parent Cafés and Next Generation Parenting Courses. Roxeanna was a Parent Educator with Parents as Teachers for more than 15 years.

Stephen P. Zwolak, M.Ed., LUME Chief Executive Officer

szwolak@lumeinstitute.org  314.726.0148 x113

Steve has more than 40 years experience in early childhood education as a teacher, parent and family educator, program and school administrator and  community leader. He led the founding of LUME, and now uses University City Children’s Center as a lab school for innovation while he and LUME staff go out into the community to change the face of early childhood education.