HOW IT WORKS:                                     

1. ALL APPLICATIONS for Christmas Assistance Received will be reviewed and MUST meet our Criteria.

2. ONCE your Application has been reviewed you will receive an E-Mail letting you know whether or not you have been approved for Christmas Assistance. 

3. DATE FOR GIFT DISTRIBUTION:        Friday, December 20th 


OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY IS:                         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30th                               and is a SEPARATE REGISTRATION                         Please, check our website "" once we have the registration up, the link will be on our webpage.  Registration is based on first come, first serve basis until our event is filled.





Janet Triggs 



MUST have at least One child in their immediate family with a Special Needs Diagnosis by a professional; or in the process of evaluation.                                                                                                                               

AGES Newborn - 15 yrs. old.                                                                                                                                  Typical Siblings in the immediate family Newborn - 15 yrs. old will receive a gift as well.

ALL CHILDREN MUST live in the same household 51% or more during the year and have legal guardianship.

MUST have Current Photo ID of parent or guardian, Proof of current address or Utility bill with current address, Birth Certificates for each child to verify age if requested.

MUST live in no more than 1 hour away from Hopewell, Virginia

MUST receive benefits from the State of Virginia i.e. TANF, SNAP, Disability/SSI or are experiencing a financial hardship.

MUST be sure we have the correct phone number and email. 

MUST be able to pick up the gifts at the designated time, we do not provide transportation.  Gifts not picked up will be re-distributed to another family.

MUST complete the entire Christmas Assistance Application to be considered.              Any missing information will result in your application being denied and you may need to re-apply.  However, Christmas Assistance Applications are on a first come, first serve basis until we reach the amount of people we are able to assist.  Once Christmas Assistance Application registration has been closed we will be unable to assist anyone else, NO exceptions.

MUST  let us know if your Special Needs Child has a sensitivity to sound, or anything that would affect the type of toy or clothing item, please be sure to let us know on the application. 

FINALLY,  Gifts may include Toys, Clothing, or shoes.