Friday, January 4, 2019 at 11:00 AM EST
Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 12:30 PM EDT

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Corrie L Phillips 
Positive Approach® to Care 

TS Webinar Series: Care Partner Concerns Series 

This program was designed to create a learning space for individuals who are providing care for people living with dementia.

  • $20.00 per session – live or recorded
  • $180 for the full series (1 free session)
  • Discounts available if you register five or more participants.  Please reach out to the Event Contact for more information.
  • All registrations include access to the recordings of the session for a period of one year.
  • Recordings are released approximately one week after the live session.


Friday, January 4th 11-12:30 pm ET -  How To Get Started When Big Changes are Needed

This session will focus on strategies to start the first conversations and follow up plans when difficult situations lie ahead. The goal is to create options and rehearse prior to beginning an interaction that could well lead to refusals or emotional distress. Issues to be covered will include transportation, health and medications, housing, using care support, and firearms.

  • Discussion will include issues surrounding:
  • Driving
  • Medication Management
  • Financial Management
  • Housing
  • Care Support

Monday, February 11th 3-4:30 pm ET - Exploring Sexuality, Intimacy, and Dementia

“Let’s Talk about Sexuality and Intimacy Issues: What Makes Us Squirm, What Makes Us Firm, and What Turns Us Off… Or Our Emotional Reactions ON?”

This session will encourage each of us to explore our definitions of sexuality and intimacy. We will also explore and challenge our opinions and beliefs regarding the rights and responsibilities a PLwD has throughout the progression of their condition related to acts of intimacy and sexuality. We will review several situations and discuss concerns, options, and perspectives to reach consensus, if possible.

Monday, March 11th 4-5:30 pm ET - How to Help When Someone is Lost in Time or Place

“Where and When in Home, When You Are Lost: Helping Emeralds Find What They Are Seeking So They Can Settle”

During this session, we will rehearse supportive communication and interaction techniques that are helpful in helping someone who is getting lost in time and place to find satisfaction and comfort when language is fractured and expressed needs cannot be addressed readily or easily. 

Monday, April 22nd 4-5:30 pm ET - “Have You Seen My Mother?” - Dealing with Sadness and Loss

“How to Respond and Support Someone Living with Dementia Who is Missing an Important Person without Telling Whopper Lies or Truths Too Hard to Bear”

In this session we will explore strategies and options to provide someone who is looking for an unavailable person with a sense of comfort and connection through the use of positive interaction and supportive communication techniques.

Tuesday, May 28th 3-4:30 pm ET - How to Use Music When You are not a Music Therapist

“Using Music and Song to Connect and Engage When You are Not a Music Therapist and Not a Great Singer”

There is more and more evidence that music and rhythm are vital in promoting well-being and health for most PLwD. This session will explore a number of options for using music in a variety of ways to engage and satisfy both people living with dementia and those around them.

Monday, June 10th 4-5:30 pm ET - How to Provide Support When Someone is Feeling Trapped or Imprisoned

“Get Me Out of Here, I’m Being Kept Prisoner!” – What is Happening? Why is it Happening? What are Responses that Accept the Message and Provide What is Being Sought

In this session, we will address the very real feeling that many people have that a secured setting is actually constraining their freedom and preventing them from living as they otherwise would. We will review several common scenarios and work through possible solutions and interactions that are effective.

Tuesday, July 23rd @ 4-5:30pm ET - How to Provide Support When Physical Resistance Presents

Why Might I Try to Hurt You? Could You Be Threatening Me, Without Even Knowing It? Reframing Your Perspective for Improved Interactions”

When a PLwD strikes out at you, it is definitely time to take a step back and consider what triggered that reaction. All too frequently, care partners become focused on their goal or task and forget to seek and sustain permission to support and help throughout an interaction. This session is designed to help care partners develop new awareness, knowledge and skills to reduce risk of physical resistance to care routines.

Thursday, August 29th 2:30-4:00 pm ET -  Strategies to Get Someone to a Healthcare Provider When They Don’t Want to Go

Getting Someone to Healthcare Who Does Not Want to Go: What Can you Do or Say Differently that Might Work Better?”

Developing our skills at providing the just right support and rationale in order to help a PLwD decide to go to see a medical provider, when their initial reaction is to refuse and resist.

Thursday, September 30th 2-3:30 pm ET - Exploring the Causes and Meaning of Sundowning

 “Understanding the Causes and Meaning of Sundowning, How Can We Cope Better?”

It is not uncommon for PLwD to experience a worsening of ability to take in and use data from the world about them in a rational and reasonable way as the day draws to an end. In this session, we will work on our skills at coping with this changing capacity.

Thursday, October 10th 4-5:30 pm - How to Offer Choices That Empower People and Meet Your Care Agenda

“Offering Choices that Move the Care Support Agenda Forward While Respecting and Protecting the Person’s Right to Choose or Refuse”

When someone doesn’t notice the needs of their body for nourishment, hydration, sleep, cleaning, grooming, or fresh clothing, it can be a challenge to get agreement to participate in the process of meeting those needs. This session will focus on providing choices that help the person move forward into the task rather than resist the activity.

Your registration includes access to the recording of this session.  We will email you and provide a link to the recording of the video approximately one week after the live event. You will have unlimited viewing access to this video for a period of one year.