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Phoenix Perennials 
Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. 

Honeymoon French Kiss

Honeymoon Paris in Pink

Honeymoon Sandy Shores

Honeymoon Spanish Flare

Wedding Party Blushing Bridesmaid

Wedding Party Flower Girl


Marital Bliss Hellebore Pre-Order 2019 

The single-flowered Honeymoon Series and the double-flowered Wedding Party Series are the creation of multi-talented breeder Hans Hansen. These series combine great colours, flower forms, detailing, symmetry, flower count, and plant vigour. All plants are carefully maintained seed strains. Plants will look much like the photos but may not be identical. This variation means that even within a single strain you could find multiple different plants that you love.

Honeymoon Collection The Honeymoon Strains

Honeymoon French Kiss has white flowers with beautiful detailing in the form of raspberry pink veins and picotee edges with a deep raspberry red central star.

Honeymoon Paris in Pink produces pink flowers with a white shimmer as if white light is shining through the tepals.

Honeymoon Sandy Shores has pale apricot flowers with dark purple central flares and rosy pink reverses.

Honeymoon Spanish Flare has light yellow flowers with maroon-red flares around the centre.

Wedding Party Collection The Wedding Party Strains

Wedding Party Blushing Bridesmaid has white double flowers with raspberry pink veining and a picotee edge.

Wedding Party Flower Girl has ruffled double flowers in shades of white, blush, and light pink with darker pink picotees, flares, and speckling.

Wedding Party True Love has rich burgundy-red flowers often with deeper burgundy detailing including picotee edges and speckling.

Wedding Party Wedding Bells has pure white double flowers with great ruffles. Some plants may have white flowers with an attractive green flush.

Plants are all blooming size or near blooming size. Quantities are quite limited for 2019. Please order early. 

Give the Gift of Hellebores: Are the plants you're purchasing meant as gifts? If so, you can download the gift form to fill in and give to them: http://www.phoenixperennials.com/MaritalBliss-Certificate.pdf. They can also use the certificate to pick up their own plants.

Please note which plants you would like.
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Important Note: When you check out, click on the Pay with PayPal link. Once there you can use a PayPal account or simply pay with your Visa or MC and PayPal will process the transaction for us. When using your Visa or MC you do not need a PayPal account.

Local Customers: Plants will be ready for pick-up at the Hellebore Hurrah! Opening Weekend March 1st-3rd, 2019 or any time after that. Pre-orders are held for 4 weeks after which time your plants are returned to general inventory and you will be given a credit at the nursery. No refunds are given. 

Canadian Mail Order Customers: Some of these hellebores will be available on our official mail order site in 2019 if supplies remain after the Hellebore Hurrah!. If you are a fan of hellebores and want to ensure you get certain cultivars, it is best to order here with a minimum $40 in plants. Orders will be shipped from early March to early April, depending on the weather conditions in your area. Orders cannot be held any later than early April so as long as weather conditions allow for safe shipping we will need to ship to you. You might need to keep the plants in a protected place such as garage, greenhouse, sunroom, or cool room until your weather conditions warm up. If you have ordered other plants and they are ready at the same time, we will ship together. However, if your other plants are not ready we cannot hold your hellebores beyond early April to wait for your other plants. We are unable to quote a shipping rate for your hellebores within this pre-order but can tell you that we charge the Canada Post rate plus a small amount to cover our costs. We do not make money on shipping. In general shipping an average box of 3-5 plants would cost $25-$45 depending on where you are in Canada though this is just a general estimate.



Wedding Party True Love

Wedding Party Wedding Bells