Summer 2019, 9-3pm, ages 11-15 and 14-16

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Our program is a boutique learning experience that is part camp/part art class. 2/3rds of the time is "on the go" shooting around Boston, and the other 1/3rd editing and relaxing at the home teaching space near the Franklin Park Zoo. We have the Wii, boardgames, basketball hoop. Classes are for 7 students, ages 11-15 (one class for 14-16 YO).


  • Classes are MONDAY-FRIDAY from 9-3pm.
  • Detailed agendas with field trip and lunch spots sent the Thursday before class.
  • The lead teacher picks up the group at 9am and drops them at the end of the day at 3pm at the Soldier's Memorial ("the monument"), 1 South St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130). MAP
  • We supply digital SLR cameras (Nikon D70 and D100). Editing lessons in Lightroom.
  • Students bring lunch or lunch money daily. Water bottle suggested.
  • Bring a flash drive on the last day of class or buy one for $10.
  • Class FULL? Email Jenny to go on the waiting list,


  • DISCOUNT CODES: FREELUNCH $25 off if you used to qualify for BPS free lunch program.
  • 1/2 down required immediately to hold your spot.  
  • Final payments due May 1. 
  • Credit card payments Checks preferred: to Jennifer Connelly 136 Ruthven Street Boston 02121.
  • Refunds: A full refund will be given if your spot can be filled.

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GIRLS ONLY! Overnight Documentary Workshop in Ogunquit, ME 
July 14th-20th:  "Local Culture & Coastal Beauty of Ogunquit, ME", $1385, 6 nights Sunday at 4pm -Saturday 10am

GENERAL INFO & WHAT TO EXPECT: We explore Ogunquit meeting with locals, hearing their stories and taking photos.  This program fosters strength and self-expression. Downtime activities include games, crafts, writing exercises and more. Trips to The Village Theatre, Transfer Station, Marginal Way and shops and lobsterboats at Perkins Cove. Our workshop concludes with a photo book made by the students. Order a copy for $50 at check out. CLICK HERE to see highlights from overnight workshops 2018. 

DOC PHOTO DAYS: We use Nikon DSLR cameras; have photo lessons and field trips daily and edit our work in Lightroom. We visit beautiful ocean settings and meet with locals to hear their stories.

INCLUDED: All food and entertainment, a USB drive. T-shirts and photo book are available for purchase at check out.

THE HOUSE: Our private home is nestled in the woods on a dirt road but walking ditance to shops and the beach! Students have their own level with two bedrooms, livingroom, bathroom, kitchen.

SLEEPING: All staff on first floor and all students on the second. There is a room with two sets of bunkbeds and an adjoinig bathroom to a room with a queen. The livingroom has a queen futon and a twin mattress. 

 THE STAFF: Jenny is the lead instructor & in charge at all times. The in-house cook is Jenny's son, Desmond who will be a rising 11th grader at BLS. He was the general assistant for our Maine overnight 2017 and the cook for overnight 2018.The RA, who will run the evening activities, is Emily Spraga, a student of creative writing and photography at Bridgewater State. She was our RA last year in Narragansett. We also have an overnight mascot "Elsie", the very chill dog that stays downstairs with her owner, Kathleen (Jenny's cousin) but sometimes accompanies us on field trips and serves as a model from time to time.

June 24-July 5 (no class 7/4): Photo Assignments, $815 Class is divided into lesson blocks with corresponding field trips in portraiture, journalism, architecture, black&white and fashion photography. Sample trips to The Zoo, The Old Manse, The North End, Fort Revere/Nantasket Beach, Eastie Marina, Skate Park, 40 Steps Nahant.  Click here to check out images from Photo Assignments 2018.

July 8-12: Street & Fashion, $445 We will focus on light, shapes, patterns when working with found subjects on the streets of Boston (inanimate and animnate). We will also take a couple days to stage and shoot our own fashion session. Sample trips to Eastie Marina, Copley, Haymarket and the Slate Park.

    July 15th-20th:  Documentary Photo with Jess Pegg, $445 Students will learn to power of an image to tell a story with lessons and exmaples from the masters like Vivian Maier. Students hit the streets with certian goals and challenges in mind to create their own body of work. Sample trips to Skate Park, Chinatown and Harvard Sqaure.
July 22-26: Photo Assignments with Jess Pegg, $445 Each day will have a different photo assignment like portraiture, architecture, journalism, travel, black & white. Focus is on editing style, subject matter & technical elements. Sample trips Eastie Marina, Boston Public Market/North End and more.
July 22-26: Express Yourself class for 14-16 year olds, $475 (midweek trip to Old Orchard Beach) This class will give students more independence to explore on field trips like Old Orchard Beach Maine, scheduled for July 24th. We will get back late that day at 6. Students will be taught the basic foundations for making good images and then be encouraged to apply or break rules in order to share their visual stories. Day 1, students will vote on trips for the week with options like Salem, 40 Steps, Nantasket Beach, Chinatown, the Skate Park and can bring their own suggestions. Click here to see highlights from Storytelling Class 2018.

July 29-August 2: Sense of Place, $445 The only class where students take their cameras home to explore personal space and connections. Students capture & create images that say something about their city, their home and themselves. Students vote of field trip locations that are significant to them and fun for us to visit like beaches, parks, marinas, cityscapes.

August 5-16:  Horror/Thriller Movie Making Class $835 **THIS CLASS NEEDS 5 SIGNED UP BY MARCH 15TH OR IT WILL BE REPLACED WITH PHOTO CLASS.** Class will focus on set up, music, lighting, editing and building suspense that make a horror film a success. Students learn screenplay structure, story development, directing, acting, camera work and editing in iMovie. After we decide on our story, we set up screenplay format with 3 Acts, Character Arc, Obstacles, all that good stuff. With our shot list written, actors assigned, props and costumes in place we film around town and edit at the teaching space. Everyone plays a role and often switches from acting, directing, filming and editing. Watch 2018 film "Boondoggled". CLICK for the 5 minute informational video on movie-making classes.  

August 19-23: Coastal Boston, $445 Our vibe will be slower as we close out summer and visit waterways like 40 steps Nahant and Salem Willows. Each day will have a building block photo challenge like 2/3 rule, foreground/middleground/background, lighting and perspective. Click here to see photos from Coastal Boston 2016.

August 19-23: Simmer Down with Jess Pegg, $445 Our vibe is reflection and winding down our summer. The pace is slower. Field trips will be to peaceful spots like Nantasket Beach and the Public Garden.  Each day will have a core lesson like 2/3 rule, perspective, lighting, framing and foreground/middleground/background.  Check out photos from Simmer Down 2018.

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Contact: Jennifer Connelly

photo by Senai, Street Photo 2014

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ABOUT YOUR TEACHER/OWNER: Jenny started Big Picture in 2011.  She has four kids, 3 in BPS, and 1 in college.  She has been a photographer since 1994, see JenniferConnellyPhoto, & has her own school portrait company, Photo Charm. 

Pick up/drop off in Jamaica Plain at the Soldier's Memorial, 1 South Street. Editing, lessons, downtime are at the Big Picture Home Teaching Space.